HELP! Ripped off... on Dior

  1. So, I thought I was getting a great/amazing deal on a small Dior purse (it was only 80 dollars) but when I just received it was a complete rip off!! The lining isn't even dior (there's no tag and the tag that she provided inside was blank)... I was so naive.:cursing: Why do I do this to myself?

    I usually stick with Marc Jacobs and have amassed a rather big collection through eBay and yes I've been ripped off several times through other designers (Gucci and Dior).... but I didn't think they made fakes of small Cannage bags.

    I'm so disappointed... what should I do? I know if I file a complaint they will give me a negative feedback and a lot of drama will ensue. I would appreciate some help.
  2. And also in her listing, she purposefully didn't use the word authentic... which I just realized. So that I guess when there's a dispute there won't be any need to defend herself?
  3. hi there sorry to hear this - it would help if you provide a link to the auction or some photos.

    but even so when the seller listed the purse she doesnt have to mention authentic the fact she mentions " Dior " is enough for buyer to assume authentic as it is against eBay rules to list counterfit.
  4. Thanks so much for all of your support!
  5. I completely agree with LaMissy. The seller stated the purse was Dior even though she didn't say anything about authenticity. She could have said "Dior inspired" and chose not to.

    I would contact the seller first and try to get a refund. I would definitely quote the eBay rules against selling counterfeits and ask her to refund you. Tell her you're prepared to work either with or without her resolve this with ebay, Paypal, and Dior corporate.

    You'll definitely (and are entitled) to a refund just might have to jump through some hoops to get it.

    Good luck, most of us have been there!
  6. it doesnt matter if she says authentic or not, when she uses word Dior, its supposed to be real no matter what she writes. Otherwise she is breaking the rules.

    If you want to get your money back there is no other way as filing the complaint. Where are you located and where is she ? How did you pay for it ? You can send her email first, stating that if she doesnt refund you, you will get Ebay, paypal and her local police involved, maybe that will convince but be prepared to actually file a dispute and claim if you want your money back.

    Next time...always authenticate here first :p;)

    good luck !:flowers:
  7. I agree! It is illegal to make and sell bags using other people's selling counterfiet bags (and even claiming that they are fake) is illegal.

    You should file a claim on her through PayPal...they take this stuff more seriously because they get sued by LVMH and other groups for allowing the sales of fakes. If that doesn't work, you can file a chargeback with your credit card company. You may be required to ship the bag back to her, so make sure you ship it to her with a tracking number!
  8. Hello,

    I am terribly sorry to hear you purchased a fake's a guide I think that is very helpful of which will walk you through the steps of what to with regards to purchasing a here.

    Also, I would post within the eBay forum as the ladies/gents there can help probably even more! I wish you all the best!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  9. did you pay with paypal? i think they will reimburse up to $200. i see two fake louis vuittons in the listing picture too!
  10. Contact seller first: she may offer a refund to you.

    THEN report her either way, especially since, as ever long noted above, it seems like she's selling OTHER fake bags...

    I really hope you get your money back! I'm so hesitant about ebay because there are so many fakes... I don't know why I even "window shop" on there, it's just asking for trouble...
  11. :yes: and horrendous fakes too.
    :police::police::police: call the paypal popo on her ass.

    dont worry theyve been really standing by the buyers when they get a fake item.

  12. oh my. i'm sorry to hear this happened to you. yes, definitely contact the seller first to see if you can get a refund. and definitely report her! i have this lady dior - authentic - and that picture looks way off.

    update us on how this goes! have you tried authenticate this bag threads? more pairs of eyes on a bag helps with making a decision! and everyone here is really helpful.

    good luck!

  13. Not always the case. My mom bought me a bag, turned out to be a fake. Paypal wouldn't do anything even though the seller agreed to a refund and I returned the bag. Sure enough now the seller has the bag and the money and won't respond to any emails. I'm currently filing fraud charges against her with the sheriff and going through Amex. What a nightmare.
  14. $ 80? :confused1:

    that alone would have scared me away. sorry it happened to you