help! - ReVive gave me wrinkles overnight?

  1. I was so excited about all the generous ReVive samples I just received in the mail, that I slathered my face first with the Volumizing Serum, then with the Moisturizing Renewal cream.

    Overall, the effect was lovely, and my skin is markedly smoother and more luminous. However, something in one of the two products (neither indicated I shouldn't use around the eyes) made my undereye area go crazy: swelling, itching, etc.

    No big deal, that effect has passed. But now I suddenly have WRINKLES just under my lower lashes, where I barely had fine lines before. It's been a several days now, piling on my usual undereye creams, and they aren't budging. It almost seems like the fat got suddenly sucked out of my undereye area, so the excess skin is now crinkling up.

    Has anybody had something like this happen before? Any thoughts or tips on what could have happened or what to do now? I'm kind of freaked out that I have aged five years in a night!:sad:
  2. well....i used that revive moisturizing renewal cream on my face....i used the samples b/c my great Makeup artist from Saks always gave me a whole bunch until i realized that it was clogging my face/pores up more...because u know the whole story behind revive right? it has like "active" something that makes your skin regenerate or something like that..anyway, it's not for everybody..i didnt notice any wrinkles but i say you should switch to something else! for the price of revive, i think you can definately find something so much better for less or maybe of equal should try the new armani's THE BEST..try to get a sample first from the counter at Saks.......i have sensitive skin and my face tends to clog up fast but just letting you know revive didn't work out for me...i was bummed but definately found something better =)
  3. It might just be that your skin is a little looser than usual because of the swelling. Give it a couple of days, Im sure it will tighten up again.
  4. I use ReVive tonique and the renewal cream and I LOVE THE STUFF...the best ever that I've used...!..I do not use the serum..because it's too expensive!(600!!!) but the cream so far did a miracle to my face...I do not break out anymore and the tone is even now....maybe it's the serum that caused the problems because I use the renewal cream over my eyes as well and skip the eye cream and I am fine......I have used La Mer before ReVive and Revive work better..give it some time and see if the wrinkles get better..! Good Luck!
  5. yeah, that makes sense. like i said, i really like the line so far otherwise, especially the moisturizing renewal creme. i will just need to use more common sense in the future, and not pile unfamiliar products with highly active ingredients on the undereye area!
  6. i heard so much about the line and i was given but when i used their revive moisturizing renewal cream it actually burns my skin i have sensitive skin but it really bothers me i don't like their line now plus it's so expensive.
  7. YEAH thats how my skin felt too when i put it on...but my Makeup artist told me that it means it's "working" lol...ah well revive isnt for everyone!
  8. I used to us Revive but switched to Amore Pacific. My skin always had a kind of "burning" sensation when I used revive which I did not like. I love AP and have seen amazing results on my skin. Next time you are in NM go to the AP counter and get a few samples. They are very generous with them and will give you a couple without having to purchase anything.