HELP! Returning the heart purse..?

  1. So I got the heart purse on monday. It's in perle vernis. I like it a lot, but somehow I haven't found a single use for it. I think it's turning out to be a "collectible", to remain collected in the dustbag. I really like the smell of vernis though (=P), but since it's perle I'm really worried about colour transfer, which makes it hard for me to use it with f.ex. my antigua.

    I really am thinking about returning it and perhaps get a dentelle ludlow in place of it. I have no clue, but I just don't feel as satisfied as I thought I would be with the heart purse. Another issue is that I had kind of given up on getting it, I had decided on something else, and everything got messed up when I got the call, if anyone gets the picture.. =P It's not a very expensive item, but I HATE having things around my room that I don't use/cant use and don't really like, and have no hope of ever using. I was perhaps thinking of saving it to give it away as a valentine's gift if that ever becomes a subject. =P

    What do you use it for and how do you feel about yours now (sometime after you got it)?

    Pros and cons on (perle) vernis and heart purse?
  2. Return it, so I can buy it!! :graucho: Just kidding! No, seriously, I would keep it! Perle is such a beautiful color, and goes with anything! Maybe you can use it only with your lighter-colored bags if you're worried about color transfer.
  3. I completely understand. The heart is lovely, but I was disappointed when it wasn't quite big enough to hold a credit card or an id. Then I could have wrapped the chain around my wrist or looped it around a belt as a cute evening out purse. It was very cute, but too big for a purse charm for me. I didn't keep mine. Even though I'm pomme crazy.
  4. I didn't even realize they were that popular...? How much are they anyway? I would say return in if you're not going to use it. It's wasted $ just sitting there.
  5. I would return it. That is the reason I didn't get one even though its soooo cute! I need something to at least do something for me, if only it would fit a credit card!!
  6. In $ I think they were 350? I'm not toally sure, but around that sum.
  7. If you don't love it and don't think you'll use it, then return it, and use the money for something else
  8. Well truthfully they are not very functional other than for a coin purse or for hanging on bag or just simply to have as a collectors item. I have the MC & the Pomme & I love them. The Perle is very nice!
  9. i think its so cute, i want it in MC. but if you are not stoked on it, then return it and get something you love and want to use.
  10. And grrrl, we all know you're pomme crazy,

    I think the perle heart is gorgeous!!! If I had one, I'd hang in on my mini lin speedy, but i have MC... I use it for change and train tickets, it's nice to have that on the front of my bag, so I don't have to open my bag for tickets, can fold up some bills really tightly and put in it also, movie tickets,,, um, etickets for travelling, folded all the way up... I think there's lots of uses, plus I love all hearts and have several perle pieces and a perle fantasy, so I'd totally keep perle... right now, I have my lucky jade piece in mine since I need something very badly... can't say cause it's magic....

    but, if it's not you, then it's not you... I totally get it.

    it's a beautiful and limited piece though...
  11. i returned mine...i'm actually glad i did because i put that money towards another bag which makes me extremely happy.
  12. Even though it is not very useful, I think it is the cutest thing. I have been using it as a charm on my Stephen, it looks adorable. Do you have any larger bags to use it on? I love the Perle but would have the same fear as you, color transfer. Mine is Pomme which I thought was more practical. If you don't have any use for it, then I would return it. I did that recently with a couple of accessories I bought and didn't use. Don't feel bad, you know what is right for you.
  13. I would return it, it's not useful to you
  14. I use mine (I have Pomme and Perle) as a bag charm and a clutch for some money when I go out but don't want to use a bag. Also I had my movie ticket stub in there recently. It has a lot of cute uses, but if you don't want it, return it! There will definitely be someone else who wants it, I know there are a lot of people still waiting for theirs.
  15. I would keep it as it is such a cute piece. But, if you have something in mind that you would prefer- return it and put that money towards it