HELP -- Return to Seller or to PayPal

  1. I bought a purse from eBay last week. The seller claimed it was an authentic Prada and had a 100% money back policy. I posted pictures here, called Prada and also went to Saks. Nobody could authenticate this bag as a real Prada. I informed the seller that I was going to use the refund policy and send it back. (all communication has been though eBay).
    This morning I talked to an agent at Paypal. She told me that Paypal only covers up to $200 (I spent $445). Instead of sending it back to the seller, I could file a dispute to them. They would then tell me where to send the bag (an independent authenticator) and could then make sure I got a full refund.

    Should I go through Paypal or should I send it back to the seller (signature required, delivery confirmation & insured)? I plan to send this back tomorrow.

    Please help... Thanks.:confused1:
  2. I would keep it friendly with the seller and just explain to her that a paypal agent advised you to open the claim for safety purposes and it's nothing personal. If she has agreed to accept the return she can note this in the dispute and you are good to go. Send the package back with signature confirmation etc. You can print the label through USPS and you'll get free delivery confirmation and there is a space to add the recipients email address so she'll receive the confirmation number too. You can do the flat rate box or if for instance it weighs approx 1 1/2 lbs round up to 2lbs (same price) and print the label. Trust me it's quite simple.
    Good luck!
  3. Oups, I have a similar problem, only I opened a dispute, escalated to a claim, then got the bag authenticated (I have a company letter), and finally asked seller to reply via paypal.

    they said that they would refund once they receive bag, and then do it through paypal. all communication via eBay. I have now returned bag with tracking/insurance via DHL but they have not stated anything on claim yet. mind you, claim runs out tomorrow (ten days are up) and I don't think they will have the bag until day after that. seller said that they will refund once they have a tracking number!

    Oh no, did I make a mistake now by not having them state first on the dispute that they accept a refund????
  4. Follow up with paypal and give them all of the information, DHL tracking number etc.
  5. thank you!
  6. I just got email from Paypal that my money was refunded. It is late now, but I will check tomorrow morning and make sure the money is actually there before closing the dispute.

    What throws me off is that I got another email saying "on my request the dispute was closed". I have not done any such thing !!! I am on the phone with paypal right now.
  7. Oh I think the dispute closes automatically once you get the refund but I am not sure what you did in the end - did you return the item?

    don't close anything just yet if it is still open!
  8. Paypal told me that the seller has issued a full refund (including shipping costs). I have not seen the money yet in my account, but the details on the dispute said that Paypal has initiated the refund and I should get it soon enough. And that is why they automatically close the dispute.