Help........return Or Keep?

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    I need your opinions!! I received my Matelasse Coffer on Monday. As a matter of fact I asked you all about the problems I was having with the locking mechanism. Well, the locking mechanism is working great now (maybe I just needed to break it in?). But now, I was wearing it yesterday and found the stitching on the opening to the main compartment is torn (missing a stitch) and it almost looks like it had been "double-stitched" or something?? Herein lies the problem........when I bought this bag, I had to order it by phone from Saks and they had to locate the bag in another state (CHI). As a matter of fact, they said that they could only locate this one. There are none in CA. I REALLY love this bag and want to carry it as my everyday bag, but now I am concerned that with so much use......more of the stitching will become unraveled?? :crybaby: So should I return it, or take it to a cobbler and have him restitch it? I don't really know of any cobblers either, so that worries me as well. I keep wrestling with this, but really need to make a decision asap!! Any thoughts.....................? :confused1:
  2. Hmm can you post more pics of the problem? i am sure that there are more black coffers around. If it bothered you that much you could return it and buy it from another retailer, or call Saks and ask them to get it repaired for you, but that is a pain!!! I cant judge by this pic alone if it is something I would be woried about. Miu Miu bags are pretty well constructed.
  3. I will try to take a better pic and post it. just give me a few moments.............
  4. I would return it. Even if it was repaired it would bother me a great deal, but that's me. Now if Saks will refund you or deeply discount this bag 'cause they cannot find another one, you might want to get it repaired and keep it since you love it so much. I know I confused you more.
  5. Id keep it and ask your local SAKS to have it fixed for u.They will do that.
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    Here are some more pics. I think that you are right, sjunky13. I should probably just return the bag and find it somewhere else. I really think that for almost $1500, I shouldn't have to be worried about this problem. I hope these pics come out better than the last......let me know what you think.
  7. I agree. I actually spoke with the SA in CHI and she said that that store doesn't have another, but she will look at other stores to locate one for me. I'm just waiting to hear back from her. :sweatdrop: Will Saks discount a bag under these conditions?
  8. I called the Saks closest to me and the SA said that they don't even carry the Miu Miu line???? What's that all about??? Anyway, do you think that I can still return it for a repair even if they don't carry the line? I know I sound flaky with alot of DRAMA right now......but I just want to make the right decision. After hearing from you all I know that keeping it is not an option anymore.
  9. return it and buy from NM . it looks like it would come undone. Look online at NM, netaporter, style drops. Im sure you can find another one. Call Miu Miu boutiques. Goodluck. dont worry you will get the right bag.
  10. If it's really bothering you, I'd return the bag and hunt it down somewhere else, like NM or NAP, etc. It might take a lot of legwork, but if you're dropping a lot of money on a bag, it should be perfect (or as close to it as possible). Good luck :smile:
  11. U can bring the bag back to ANY SAKS....Doesnt matter if they dont carry that designer.Ask to speak to the manager..explain yer situation.
    Id say either they fix it..OR give u an additional discount so u can get it fixed
  12. Couldn't find the bag on NM or Saks online, but I did find it on NAP, so I ordered it and had it sent overnite delivery. I am going to return the other tomorrow to the Saks nearest me. Thank you for all of your help and input YOUR ALL THE BEST!!! :yahoo:
  13. good for you! i'd do the same thing :smile:
  14. glad everything worked out for you!
  15. Glad you found another -- that did look kind of bad and I am not picky.