Help! Return or keep?

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  1. I just bought my first Chanel bag and I am worried that maybe it is too matte? Im not a flashy person and don’t like overly shiny but I also want my bag to have a nice gloss if that makes sense. Should I look for a shinier one or is this perfect?
    60C36782-ABF4-4DA5-85C7-526002597609.jpeg 63F8CCFB-B7CE-41B4-ADC6-8A941F238755.jpeg D7AEFAEB-98F0-4602-B0DA-9641AE808CDD.jpeg DE56FDD0-ADA0-4D5F-B62D-BF697E9595DE.jpeg FA29639B-686A-489F-A9BE-6CB3B1FF1607.jpeg
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  2. I think it looks great, but if you don't like it, that's what matters.
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  3. I absolutely love the matte caviar! It all depends on your preference but I think the bag is gorgeous.
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  4. It looks perfect to me, but if you don't care for it, send it back. This bag will become someone else's treasure!
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  5. I think it’s beautiful, but no one can tell what is “perfect” for you! It’s all your preference and only you can answer that. My suggestion is IF you are not 100% happy, you should return. It’s a very expensive bag and you should be 100% happy about it.
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  6. While I agree with the other posts, you need to be happy with your purchase. Could you be scrutinizing your bag just a little too much? It’s beautiful, use it, enjoy it!
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  7. I personally also love matte caviar because it shows how new the purse is. Also, the matte gets shinier and softer with use because of the natural oils on our hands. (You can also see it on youtube where people have mentioned this and shows it.) Your bag is also super puffy and gorgeous, but you do need to love it or else it will bother you. Good luck!
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  8. Hello your bag is very lovely :smile:. The classic m/l caviar is the way yours is. It’s never as glossy as some seasons like 18S, neither is it as matter as 18C (attached pix SEASONAL 18S vs 18C)
    Black CLASSIC M/L & Jumbo are more or less like yours, with only slight variations between years. And yes the natural oils in your hands do add shine progressively.

    Enjoy your very beautiful classic :biggrin:.
    EBC6B40E-FF39-43A9-8E27-2BE1022DB1DD.jpeg 04F2C615-BC97-4D33-958E-706B6C7AD3C5.jpeg
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  9. I think if you are questioning it, you do not absolutely love it. For Chanel prices you should love it.
  10. I would keep it.
    I personally prefer much more than the shinier caviar.