Help, return ebay handbag, but seller didn't refund as promised!

  1. Dear all,
    Need your advice, I have return a tokidoki handbag to seller, and the seller has emailed me to send it back. So I did on 12/17/07. However I still hasn't got my refund as promised, the seller as even relist the item. What should I do? I have emailed the seller via email or eBay several times but no response. I even said i will leave negative feedback or open eBay and paypal dispute, but still no response!!!

    Help :sad::cursing:
  2. Did you send the bag back with delivery confirmation? You will need this in order to win a paypal dispute. Also, what method did you send the bag back with - during the holidays the mail is always much slower & it may not have got there yet.
  3. Open a dispute immediately and escalate it to a claim. Be sure to tell Paypal everything and include your return shipping info. Good luck.
  4. File a complaint on both eBay and Paypal. Paypal will refund you as long as you can prove the return has arrived seller.
  5. Luckily I have delivery confirmation, it showed that it has delivered on 12/17/07. The user has relisted the item and even sold today :sad:...

    I am trying to be nice. I have emailed the user again today said If i didn't hear from her in 2 days, I will open the complaint with ebay and paypal?

    Should I just opent he dispute with Paypal right away now????

  6. ^^I would open dispute and escalate it to claim right away. But since you gave her 2 days, I would honor that, provided that the whole transaction has not been over 45 days? (Or was it 30 days).
    I think paypal gives 45 days to file a claim (others, correct me if I'm wrong).
  7. I paid for the item on Dec 4, I am almost reaching 30 days time line. Most likely, if I didn't hear from the seller by Jan 2nd. Then I will do as your suggestiogn and open dispute and escalate to claim in 2 days. (I just checked on paypal, it is 45 days to open dispute and ebay is 60 days).

    I have bought a lot of stuffs from ebay but this is the very first time I met such a bad seller :sad:
  8. keep us posted on what happens.......ugh!
  9. Please do not wait, open a dispute immediately. The seller is ignoring you and probably hoping you will wait too long. Please do it now!
  10. Dispute with paypal right away. They will take care of the refund. Later on, do the feedback.
  11. open the dispute right away.. if it gets to jan 3rd it will be too late! (31 days in december)..
  12. Do it now,contact paypal and ebay. The seller was totally unfair reselling the bag without refunding you.They had time to relist the item. Why should you give 2 days ,for them to do what exactly???
  13. I would open the dispute and escalate it immediately as well. Don't give her time to transfer money out of her paypal account so you don't get a refund.

    Good luck
  14. I would open the dispute and escalate it to a claim right now! Sure you told her that you would wait 2 days, but she also promised you a refund once you returned the bag...she did not honor her promise, so why should you!? I hope that this all works out for you...I am sure that it will!
  15. Dear all
    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I had just open a payapl dispute, It seems like I can't open ebay dispute since it kept on referring me back to paypal since I paid with paypal. I will escalate to claim tomorrow!!!!! :sad: