Help Restricter Go Broke in 2008


Spend Restricter's Money

  1. Get the black mahina xs

  2. Get the mancrazy

  3. Get 'em both

  4. Get lost!

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  1. It's a mind-boggling dilemma! Too many bags in too short a time period. What's a girl to do? In the next four weeks, 4 bags that have caught my eye will be coming out. 2 of them are definite must-haves (the watercolor speedy exotic and the bon-bon pochette in teal). But then there are the black mahina xs and the mancrazy...

    If I bought a mahina xs it would have to be the black one. It's a color I would get the most use out of. White gets dirty, I already have a bronze sergent, and I don't want another denim bag. It's a shoulder bag and I love shoulder bags.

    And in this corner, the mancrazy. It's different. One side of it is offensive. It's got capacity! And pockets! And it's red -- my favorite color. When you squoosh it, it's about the size of a speedy 30. It's handheld.

    Oh yes, the Matisse is coming, April. I didn't much care for them at first and now, well, I kinda have a crush on the purple one. No dilemma there - the price point is good and I can buy it without breaking a sweat.

    I blame this all on the Spring/Summer Photos thread and my own spy missions.

    Anyway, I am asking your opinions. I can't say I'll follow them, but maybe you can point out something I haven't thought of before. (And yes, I can afford every single bag on my list without having to skip meals or not be able to pay my bills. Law school is definitely worth it, kids.)
  2. I luv ya restricter!

    You know I'm definitely pulling for you to buy the mancrazy. For some reason I think that you can pull it off! I'm wishing I could. But you - you're bold, you're beautiful, you can totally do it!

    And the watercolor exotic speedy and bon-bon pochette are a must for me as well.

    Everyone is waiting with held breath for the smaller Mahina so you might as well get your hands on one and at least see if you like it. You can turn it down if you don't.

    And the purple Matisse is well....purple. Who can say no to that.

    Ok, well no help here. Sorry.:upsidedown: But buy that Mancrazy bag and show it to me.
  3. mahina xs...
  4. my vote went to the Mancrazy. im really loving this one. its cheeky, ironic and eye-catching. its the only Joke bag i like. practically an art piece by a very well-known contemporary artist. plus its got exotic trim too. if you seriously want to go broke, send all your extra $$$ to me. i know what i'll do with it :graucho:
  5. I love Mancrazy too ! I think you should get that one, its such a unique bag
  6. Get lost ? Never.. who else am I going to enable ? :graucho:

    MAHINA for the win !
  7. I absolutely ADORE the mancrazy, not only because I'm Mancrazy myself, but a bag that is fabulous with such a cute name deserves to be loved! If you look at it as art, maybe you'll think it's not So offensive.
  8. I luv the part on law school is worth it ... my sentiment exactly. Go for both, they are different in style and portray different characteristics. :tup:
  9. I'm a huge fan of both bags so that what I voted for. They are so different, really how can you decide?
  10. Restricter....Look I think it's time to face facts somebody has to lay it on the line for you and well I guess that may as well be me


  11. I should have gone to the law school instead!!!!! How can one not go broke with your wish list?

    Big yes for mahina xs regardless of colour!

    Even bigger yes for Mancrazy- I love it! I hope my SA will call me on friday...
  12. Mancrazy for sure! The more offensive the joke, the better the bag! I love offensive joke..yeah..:lol:.

    I'm waitlisting for the Graduate though. I love the color of the Graduate. I held both the Graduate and the Mancrazy last Monday at my store. I like both of them, but the color combo of the Graduate just won me over the Mancrazy. But the Mancrazy has zippers which is better.

    Now you make me want the Mancrazy, too. I'm pondering now..:angel:
  13. I read the title and thought: i wanna play! i choose the mancrazy. Not crazy about the new mahina XS and I don't think it's worth the price...
  14. mancrazy hands down...:tup::yahoo:
  15. lol, I voted for Mahina - need black in your purse wardrobe :p

    OT, restricter, please post pics of your Mono Bronze Sergent in the Clubhouse in the thread you started... I'm lonely in there :lol: