Help required uploading photos

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  1. Hi everyone, I have tried to upload some photos and its all gone terribly wrong. I have managed to upload them to the pics of your Mulberry family but they are up side down. Can someone tell me how to rotate them? I would like to share some more pics with you all but the right way up!!! I am trying to do it from my iPad.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for rotating them Elvis. Do you mean edit them to be upside down on my iPad before I upload to TPF, then they will be the right way up? Sorry I am so thick!
  3. Click on photos ...then the bottom there is a rotate button rotate and resave then upload again...I,have corrected the 2 you posted for you
  4. No edit them to be the right way up!!!! I copied your upside down one..rotated and resaved
  5. Ps have deleted them from my ipad now,don't worry
  6. It happens to me too..some of my,album are upside down ...some are ok, when you click on the thumbnail but some are still upside down and I can't get them the right way up!!,
  7. I will have another go with a pic of my red bags, here goes…...
  8. A little bit of red.......

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  9. Yay!!!!! I adore these love love love red you lucky thing
  10. No stopping me now, thanks for all your help Elvis
  11. No worries glad to help
  12. With my iphone I found I had to hold it sideways with the home button end in my right hand to take pics and then they posted right side up.

    Meanwhile my avi changes direction based on the device I am using at the moment

    The thing I cannot do is upload more than one pic per post using my phone. I can with my laptop, but with my phone it will only post the last pic selected.
  13. Me too
  14. I use the app to upload pics as I find that much easier - but I find reading the forum really annoying on the app, so I then switch back to the website!