~*Help required!! Does anyone own both a vernis phone strap and a vernis cles??*~

  1. ...because my previous thread asking if the phone strap would look good inplace of the vachetta strap on the wapity seemed to conclude...that no, it wouldn't....

    SO I was thinking...

    Would an amarante vernis cles look niced paired with the amarante vernis phone strap? (As in if you looped the phone strap through the inside metal attachment...leaving it to dangle outside the cles to be used as a wristlet?)

    If anyone owns both of the above (in any colour vernis) could you please, please, please try out my idea, take photos, and just generally see if it's practical? It would be MUCH appreciated!!

    (Other comments welcome also :flowers:)
  2. This sounds like a good idea (in theory). It would look like the fab version of the coach wristlet. The strap should be strong enough to hold the cles... I think
  3. the lanyard of the vernis phone strap is very thin ... if you have seen a coach phone strap ... that is much thicker.

    There is a strap on vuitton.com called "dragonne" ... that might be a better option.
  4. I wouldnt advice it, the part that is going to go through the phone is thin.. Also I think the cles is too small to use as a wristlet, but that is IMO.
  5. Maybe wristlet wasn't the right word then, but if the idea works, I intend to use it on small run-in trips to say the supermarket, or the cinema, or for when going to the gym etc etc - just for light use...when all you really need to carry is cash/cards.

    I just think the charms teamed with the strap would make a fabulous addition to the matching cles - that's all. (I like taking my own spin on things...:shame:smile:.
  6. I don't own either anymore, but I am thinking it would work and look super cute!! great idea!!
  7. I use mine for that, it has my keys attached, and my drivers lic/ bank card and a few dollars in there..

    I dont have anything attached to carry it.I carry it by the chain that goes to the keys,
  8. oooh, i don't see why that wouldn't work. It sounds adorable! I would love to see pics if you end up doing this! I might have to snag your idea as well LOL
  9. I think it would be cute! It's good to take your own spin on things - make it your own! Good for you!:tup::yes:
  10. Sounds cute...I'd only carry cash in it though, I've tried cards and they're a tight fit, I don't like to cram things in there.
    As far as I know though, there are only Framboise, Perle and Pomme phone straps, no Amarante at the moment.
  11. ^^LVbabydoll on the UK LV website, the amarante phone straps are in stock and are already available to buy...:yes:
  12. LVbabydoll...here's a photo:


    I think it would look super cute with a cles at the end of it. Seems a nice size too from what the pictures make out.
  13. Wow, thanks! I didn't even know they were coming out with it lol (I know there's still a Framboise one on eluxury, for those in the US).
    Anyway, like I said though, while the vernis cles are decently sized, I'd be hesitant to put cards in it for fear of jamming it, and as others have said, the phone strap may break since the string is pretty thin.