Help requiered speedy empreinte dilemma

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  1. Hi girls!

    I'm thinking about adding a new bag to my collection which is the speedy empreinte 25. I am just not sure at all about the colors. I'm hestitating between infini, aube, jaipur and amethyst.

    Can you please give me help?

  2. Infini is gone so unless you buy pre-loved. Have you looked at aurore? It's a beautiful color. As pretty as the amethyst is I think i would get bored of the color easily and for the price I would get a more year round color

  3. Yes, I agree with missyb. I was in LV yesterday looking at the 'aurore' (for the second time!) it's a gorgeous colour that's not too bright and loud so you can wear it more often :biggrin:
  4. Jaipur :love: I love a pretty pop of color!

    Amethyst is only available in speed b 30.
  5. I agree Jaipur is a stunning color for spring/summer :smile:
  6. Have you seen Citrine? accidentally sent me the wrong Zippy Wallet and it was Citrine. I must admit it was beautiful! I don't know if yellow is your thing or not, but it's just lovely in Empreinte! So Springy & Summery. (Are those even words? :lolots:smile:
  7. Aurore. Definitely a year round color. I agree with missyb that he amethyst- I'd get sick of easily unless I'm really into violets/purples.
  8. the infini I feel is very vers and can fit in most cases.
    the other colors are popping which can be a good thing depends on your
    taste and color palat
  9. I would agree Infini and Aurore would be nice, year-round colors.. :smile:
  10. Aube is my very favorite Empreinte color but I think Infini more versatile. I agree with others who suggest Aurore. It's really beautiful and is a nice year around color.
  11. Infini if still available. Then my next choice is aube.
  12. aube or aurore
  13. infini, aube n jaipur hv all bn discontinued.
  14. Infini if you can still find it. :smile:
  15. All the colors you mentioned are so pretty. Difficult to pick.maybe the aube