Help? Replacement of locks & Size of raincoats for bags?

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  1. Hi H fans,

    1) I found that my Kelly’s lock is lost during a recent trip, do you have any experience of ordering a replacement? How much will it cost?

    2) I messed up my raincoats for bags, now I am totally lost of the sizes of them, can anyone tell me what’s the size of raincoats for K32, B30, B32 and Lindy 30?
  2. I've got a new lock in my usual boutique for free....
  3. I think it would only make sense to get the lock and keys together as you do realise it comes as a set and wouldn't work otherwise. Any boutique can order a set for you. The raincoat sizes are somewhere in the reference threads. I would suggest a search as I am totally useless at this kind of thing.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi periogirl28, thanks a lot for your reply. Did a search through the forum earlier and didn’t find the sizes, will try again. thanks for point out the sub-column.

    Hm, I thought most owners if not all actually kept the key and lock together per the way they were received from H store, hence I didn’t have to emphasise the key was lost too...but possibly my post was confusing to many. And yes, both my lock and key were lost, at the same time. As a result I am look for a replacement set.

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  6. I can help you out with some of the raincoats. Size 3 for B30 and size 5 for B35 (typo in your post). The rest you are able to figure out, because the Lindy has a completely different shape than the K32. Good luck!
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  7. #7 Oct 27, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
    Thank you so much for your help! I sort of guess 3 was for B30, but then I got a # 2 in my box of B30?! Not sure if I put the wrong size there or it was the origin...;(

    I didn’t realised sizes of raincoats were not the same, hence broke one or two in a drizzle day. But I will try harder and thank you so much!!!

    yes it was a typo, I meant B35, spot on!

    - it was weird that when I got my B35 I only realised there wasn’t a raincoat in the box and asked for it the next day, I thought I got a size 8 ( not sure ) for it and after a recent holiday trying to decide which bags to take my messed up the raincoats completely. Thanks again for your help!!!

  8. The mystery thickens, because #2 is for K28 both returnée and sellier...I have no idea what #8 is for :smile:
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