help!!! repair scuff on canvas???

  1. Please help!!!... I found a scuff or scratch on the middle of my BH....:crybaby:
    Dont know how it got there but I would like to get it fixed.
    I called LV Palo Alto and they said they dont repair scuff!!!:shrugs:
    I dont know what to do with it... :confused1:
    Please help! any suggestions are very much welcome!!!:yes:
    Thank you!:flowers:

    Copy of scuff 002.jpg Copy of scuff 008.jpg
  2. I thought I read somewhere LV can buff canvas???
    Maybe try buffing it with a soft cloth?? I don't really know if that's going to help but I can't think of anything else!
    Hope you can fix it!!
  3. Thanks karman!
    I already did buff it with a soft cloth and some leather conditioner...
    it looked worst before this pics.
  4. Since the canvas seems to get smoother and shinier with more use, hopefully your scuff will wear off a little with time...but for now...keep conditioning and buffing, I guess!
  5. I also have a white scuff mark on my BH I was thinking it's from the dry wall in the hallway of my house but I can never get it off with anything.
  6. i got a dry wall scuff off my speedy by using a pencil eraser. dont push too hard though
  7. i agree...... i hope the scuff wears off, good luck:flowers:
  8. Thanks Ladies!:flowers:
    I guess I'm just nuts! for being so ??? :weird: dont know what word...
    but it kinda really bugs me everytime I see it or think of it...:sad:
    goodness! its just a scuff on a bag!:noggin:
    but what can I say it's like...
    OUCH! I got scratched! if that makes any sense...:shame:
    I really hope it does fade with my buffing...
  9. ^^ Oh, there's nothing wrong with you. It will definitely bug me too. :P
  10. I didn´t even see it first I looked at that picture! Just a sign of life, try not to worry about it :flowers:
  11. ITA :smile:
  12. don't think too much about it... you're probably the only one who can see it! ;)
  13. ITA with Nola & pixiedust82

    dont worry, keep on buffing and it will be fine.
  14. I know what you mean...whenever I'm in the car (when I'm not driving) I always like to inspect my bags and EVERY TIME I find some little flaws about my bag and I like stare at it for minutes before getting distracted. :lol:
    My friends/boyfriend just roll their eyes at me when I say something like "Oh noooo! My strap got a little mark!!"
  15. It gives the bag character IMO. It will be even less notcieable with time.