Help Repair My Chloe Bag

  1. I finally got my first Chloe, a Edith satchel in whiskey from nm on sale but it is missing the leather buckle holder on one side. I called nm and they gave me $50 off but where can i get this piece (it is like the strap that holds your watch band down). Can anyone help me so I can keep this really cute bag. Thanks so much
  2. try to contact Chloe' store 212 717 8220, good luck :smile:
  3. Thank you. I will try that asap.
  4. * bump* can they send you replacement pieces??
  5. Its worth asking them - they sent me a replacement lock in January for my clutch.
  6. great to know. thanks!
  7. ^^ Sometimes does depend on the SA you speak with. They do sometimes want you to have a store receipt - that way they know the bag is authentic. It really does seem to differ from area to area, and store to store - but its always worth checking.