HELP! Removing scratches from patent shoes??

  1. For a New Year's Eve party I had found the most beautiful patent leather nude pumps. They were beautiful, shiny, and oh so sexy. Unfortunately, after a night of carefree partying, I returned home to discover my new shoes had been scratched! On one shoe, there is a black scratch over an inch long!

    After endless Google searches, I was all about ready to give up and accept the fate of my shoes, when I realized -- the ladies at the Purse Forum must know of a way to remove the scratches, they must!

    So ladies, please help me restore my beautiful shoes to their previous state!
  2. Welcome to the forum!
    There is a similar thread in the CL subforum about a scuff on patent leather CLs. The recs there are petroleum jelly, an eraser and I've also heard Windex might work. Good luck! Please, please let us know what worked. I am hopeful for your shoes. They sound beautiful.
  3. I've used a soft, white eraser to get out scuffs, and it works really well!
  4. Thank you, lawchick and girliceclimber for the recs! I'll try them out and report back ;)