Help!!! Reissue 226!! DK silver VS Light silver VS Metallic BK

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  1. Which one should I purchase?
  2. I prefer Met blk most, since it is more like a year-round bag. Then Dk silver, it is Gorgeous! Light silver is too shiny and loud for me
  3. I picked Dark Silver myself as I have too many black purses. I know, I know, materllic black is not a typical black, but dark silver is such a special color & will catch everyone's eyes. IRL, it has various tones in it. You can say it's a silver, or bronze, or dark gold, or even brown. As for light silver is a bit bling-bling IMO.
  4. I have both the metallic black and light silver reissues in the 226 size and love them both! If I had to choose I think I would choose the light silver because it is a great color for evening or day. I am sure dark silver is beautiful too, but a bit to much on the bronze side for me. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I've seen and had all three metallics, and now I think I am going with the dark silver 226 once again.

    My thoughgts on all three bags....

    Light silver-stunning bag, very bright though. Its gorgeous, but you have to really really like bright silver. my bf referred to it as "tinfoil looking." I had a hard time seeing myself using it as an every bag for work since its so bright, so I couldn't see myself keeping it for the price.

    Metallic black-its a very pretty bag, however, what I didnt' like about it is, I didn't feel it "popped" as much as the other two metallics. The black's chain is more of a grey chain so its not as bright and shiny, as the other two, It sorda blends into the bag. If you want a more muted look, and not as metallic-ey its a gorgeous bag.

    Dark silver-I've been back and forth and back again on this bag. I love the color, was concered at first about the type of shoes to wear with it and the life of metallics in general. However, its great since it can go with bronze, silver or even gold with how it reflects. Seemed a bit more versatile than the bright silver for day time.

    So those are my thoughts.....hope that helps!
  6. Dark Silver!!! I love that bag.
  7. Dark Silver! I love mine:yes:
  8. Metallic black
  9. metallic black :love:
  10. What do you have currently?
  11. I love metallic black and dark silver
  12. All three are gorgeous in different ways. But I love dark silver the best definitely... followed by metallic black.
  13. i personally like dark silver. the metallic black kinda muted color. i agree with shmoo about the chain. if you like something that does not scream chanel and want to use it often as day bay, then metallic black is the one. otherwise, dark silver is the most beautiful among all 3. JMHO.
  14. I am big on black, so my first choice would be the Met Black, I'd get a lot of wear from it. If I have a budget to buy 2 reissues, then I'd get the Dark silver as well. IMO, the Dark Silver is just awesome... it just pop and totally accentuate your whole appearance.
  15. metallic black. i have the dark silver wallet, and it's a gorgeous color... but that's just about all i can take. the bag would be just too much. i love my metallic black. love carrying it. :love: