Help! Regular pochette vs new pochette?

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  1. Looking forward to buy this for the following reasons:

    Use as a clutch or grab n go bag ( grocery )
    If not used all the time, keep as a makeup case and use the strap as a bag charm on my bags ( like the artsy )

    If I buy the regular, I can fit my makeup and use the strap as a bag charm but i won't be able to use it as a go-to bag or clutch because the strap drop is too short ( I need at least 7 inches ) and it won't fit all my stuff. But it is less pricey.

    If I buy the new one, more space for makeup, more space if used as a clutch or go-to bag and will fit comfortably over the shoulder. But the strap can't be used as a bag charm because it's too long for a speedy or neverfull! Pls help everyone I really love the pochette can be a bag charm + bag but I duno what to choose,! Thenkssss!!! :smile:

    Well I did have a pochette before, but it's now soooo old and I lost the strap. But it was blackish already so I thought I needed a new one,
  2. I'm not one to dress up my bags. I have a hard enough time dressing myself! :smile: My vote goes to the new pochette... much more versatile in terms of uses.
  3. I am planning to get the new pochette, I tried once at the LV shop.
    It spacious than the regular one.
    Good luck in deciding ..
  4. New one
  5. Get the new one :tup:
  6. I have the new one.. LOVE IT!!!!
  7. I have the new one in mono!!! And will get it in DE next week!!! It's so much better than the older pochette!!! Get it you won't be disappointed!!!!
  8. I vote for the regular one. I bought it last weekend before the new DE comes out. I like the shorter strap so you can use it as à wristlet, the new one is too long one me. Im 160cm and the new one hangs downs to much. Just buy an extender and the strap will be okey.
  9. The new one, the extra strap length will never go astray and the extra width and height will allow you to fit a little more in it - such as a slightly larger wallet
  10. The new one. IMO, the old one had a cheap looking strap. I know people like to throw it in their bag and use it as a make up bag, but to me, it just seemed cheaply made- even the inside. The new one is much nicer.
  11. The new one is more practical but for some weird reason I like the look of the original better haha. Smaller and more feminine maybe?
  12. Yes same here, plus the smaller size fits perfect in smaller/medium bags like mine, but to carry on it's own I like the bigger size better.

    I wonder what size looks better with the Eva strap? :thinking:
  13. My new pochette came in the mail last week and I love it already. Going to the store next week to buy it in DE. Get the new one, you won't be disappointed.
  14. New pochette!
  15. New.