HELP - regarding Porte Tresor International

  1. Does anyone know if the PTI comes in different styles?? Info on the LV site says it wallet has room for 6 cards, shows a photo with 8, then in the "more details" says it has room for 10 credit cards. Before I decide on a wallet, I need to know which one is which! The more room for cards, the better. :yes:
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Yes, the PTI has been redesigned.... very aggravating because I have the Damier PTI from a few years ago and it only has 6 cc slots on the inside of the wallet.

    The new PTI's have 10 cc slots: 8 on the inside and 2 on the outside of the wallet under the snap flap (you don't see it until you lift up the flap).

    Also, the French Wallet now has 8 cc slots on the inside (5 on the left side and 3 on the right side) and my mono version from a few years ago has only 4 cc slots on the left side only. Again, very annoying!!!

    By the way, the Koala wallet has 9 cc slots plus a ID window if you're looking for a small wallet that holds alot.

    And... you could also buy a Cles or the Poche Toilette 15 to hold additional cards. I bought Toilette 15 when I got my PTI because I didn't want to overstuff the PTI at the time with additional cards.

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. There is also a "Pochette wallet" which I use (the Groom one). It has 4 card slots in the front and 6 in the back. It looks pretty much the same as the PTI when it's closed but when opened, it just doesn't fold down like the PTIs do.
  4. Pochette wallet:

    Porte Tresor: