HELP regarding Illovo PM

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  1. What do you gals think about the Illovo PM in damier? I am getting a Louis Vuitton for Christmas, but I don't know which one to buy! I like the small, delicate shape of the bag, but do you think the damier is too old for an 18-year-old? Do most of you think the Illovo is cute? If not this one, which would be a cute but classic bet? Thank you so much!!! :heart:
  2. oooh I like the Illovo! I have lots of Illovo love! And damier is a great print, and good for winter since the leather is treated and will be fine in snow. i think it would be a great shoulder bag!
  3. I got the Illovo MM for Christmas last year (I was 18 at the time too--I think damier is wonderful and not necessarily age specific). I ended up returning it though. I didn't like the shape...the top was very, very flat, and when I had the purse on my shoulder, I couldn't put my elbow down by my side because it hit the top of the purse. I hope that makes some sense...

    It was really uncomfortable for me. Gorgeous purse might not have that problem with the PM since it's smaller.
  4. I got one recenly from elux, I returned because it gave off alot of color transfer, way worse than my speedy. But also the shape was very strange when you fill it up, it's hard to explain but it was awkward.
  5. Agree 100%
  6. I actually just got the Illovo PM, and I LOVE it. It fits a lot more than I thought it would and it is great for winter. And I definitely don't think that damier would be too old for an 18-year-old, plus the size/shape of this bag is very youthful.