Help regarding a grenat first!

  1. Hi all you B-gals.

    I really need your help on this one: I got a beautiful first in grenat from the b-friend a year or so ago, and I'm trying to clean up my closet a bit, as university is getting sooo expensive with books and educational fees.

    Now my big dilemma is - should I keep it or not? (I have to admit, that I'm sometimes a little too scareed taking it out in awful nordic weather :s )

    What do you think of the colour, will it be something that is worth keeping, or should I let it go for now and get a more classic colour when the economy clears up?

    As I completely newcommer both here and as seller on eBay, I also have no idea what a fair price on eBay would be. It's in really good condition, a little dark at the handles but that's all.

    Any experienced people want to help me? Any help would be much appreciated :flowers:
  2. i'm a bbag newbie, and my first (recent) bbag purchase was a grenat day - because i consider the color a gorgeous, non-boring neutral. (my wardrobe, clothing and bags, is 99% black) i'm running down the colors of the rainbow plus neutrals in my head, and i can't think of any color with which it *doesn't* work. my vote is to keep it, but if you need the money, i'm sure someone here can help you to price it.

    btw, where are you ladies finding boyfriends who buy you bbags as presents?! mine is a phd student who can barely afford to get me a card for my birthday...! :s
  3. i think the grenat is gorgeous, but to me i think the color might come back around, so if you REALLY need the money then sell it, but about the price on eBay?.. i'm not sure cux i never sell on ebay. maybe another pf member can help Also.. if the leather is thick, and everything is beautiful then i wouldn't sell it, cux it's hard nowadays to find a bag with thick leather and EVERYthing u want
  4. If you need the money now, I would sell it if I were you. After seeing the colors for the last couple of seasons, don't worry, Balenciaga will probably put out 5 more colors that look almost like it, only with different names. :p
  5. hi sidsel!
    you should also consider that you might not get that much money out of sellig it on ebay right now, as sales have been rather slow lately... there is a thread on this already:

    I have a grenat city and I dont think it would sell well! I mean I love grenat but the "boring" colors sell even worse at the moment... thats what people have written in the above thread too...
  6. that is so true, powderpuff, but it would also be such a waste to sell it for much less that it was bought for after not even a year of carrying it :s but of course, if you really need money thats a different story...
  7. Thanks for all the answers, I'll think I will follow your advice and keep it for now, but if the economy gets really bad I might be forced to let it go. It's not fair but right now I just wanna get my degree so I can start making some real money... and buy me a B-bag for each outfit... :love:
  8. Wish my bf could afford to buy me bbags too! He only works parttime - i am the sugar momma:smile: He would buy me bags if he could though!!
  9. I think the color is great but if you need the cash, then just sell it, or sell something else so you can keep it?
  10. i would keep it and starting to use it because it's a gift from the bf.
    but if u really need the money, u should sell it!
  11. If your bag is from a year ago, it would be the bordeaux, rather than grenat, which was pre-fall 06. I own both, and actually prefer the 06 grenat. Either way, they are both very conservative and classic colours and would go with everything. Keep it if you can afford to.
  12. ^^It's funny--my comment is that loving the Bordeaux, it's close enough to the Bordeaux that I would keep it, as it's now hard to get a Bordeaux, except on the resale market. Definitely colors with "legs"--both Bordeaux and Grenat.
  13. I have a grenat first and it is my favorite bbag! It is a gorgeous shade of red. Not too bright so it compliments most of my outfits. I really love it!