HELP refused refund by paypal

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  1. I just received information that paypal aren't going to refund me for the fake UGGs i bought!!! Its completely unbelievable. I got a letter from AMG claiming it was fake and I sent them the fax. They then asked me to fax them to confirmed that i have binned the boots and i did this. Today I found this information. :wtf:

    I want my money back. How can i get my money back?
  2. I think you need to call your CC company and tell them that you want to do a chargeback. Explain your situation and they should be able to help you. Good luck!
  3. I'm not sure what this sentence means:"They then asked me to fax them to confirmed that i have binned the boots and i did this."
    You threw the boots away before this was settled? If paypal has ruled against you, you only recourse is doing a charge-back through your bank.
  4. I hope you didnt already bin them. You may need more pics or something...
  5. I was choked up with anger thats why sentence didn't make any sense.

    I have binned them but luckily i miss the bin man today.

    I did get the pictures as AMG Deckers needed them to confirm that it was fake. I got the letter from amg and fax it to Paypal as proof. Paypal then asked me to sign affidavid (wrong spelling ??) that i have dispose of the boots. I did and faxed these through.
  6. I called the bank and they said they have nothing to do with it. tut:tdown:
    After a long wait i've manage to speak to paypal and they said they didn't get the signed fax within the allocated 3 days. Thats why they ruled against me. This isn't fair as i have sent within the allocated time frame.
    I can't believe that they only gave people in this predicatement 3 days. What if i was away for those 3 days?
  7. do you have confirmation of the fax transmission within the 3 days?

    Did you use your credit card to buy? THen you should be able to do a chargeback.
  8. I didn't get a confirmation for the second fax. Unfortunately I used my bank card instead of my credit card. After this result, I think i will be changing my main paypal payments to credit card its safer option.
  9. Oh man, this sucks! I don't know what is going on with ebay and paypal lately, but it seems like they automatically side with the wrong party!
    I really don't have any advice for you, I am sorry that this happened to you!
  10. This is outrageous, I have never heard such a terrible thing, only 3 days to prove they were fake. I would keep calling Paypal and asking for supervisors and go on at them until I get my refund...So sorry, hope it works out.
  11. All this push to make ebay a better place for buyers and they only give you 3 days to send proof of a fake!! I am sorry this is happening to you, maybe you can file a claim with ebay, you may not get your money back but maybe they will suspend the seller for selling fakes.
  12. Thanks LV Rawks. It is unfair it seems that they are siding with the wrong party.
  13. Moi et mes sacs It is ridiculous that i have only three days for them to recieve my fax conrfirming that the boots were binned. I mean the back log of faxes they bound to have recieved. I faxed it within the time frame but its not in their system yet so they closed the case in favour of the seller. I think this is unjust since its their fault not mine.
    I think i will call them again and ask for the supervisor. Luckily it didn't cost that much but the principle of it.
  14. 4theluvofit someone reported her before i did. I got the boots the same day she was booted out of ebay.
  15. omg.. that is wrong..u r the victim...let us know how it goes..:yes: