Help! Red Wine On Speedy!

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  1. Ok the unthinkable JUST happened.......spilled some red wine on my new speedy.........a little on the handle and on the lining on the sides. WHAT CAN I DO???
  2. wipe it with baby wipes quick!
  3. Let us know how it is going....I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  4. how is it going? how bad it is?
  5. did you shining monkey your bag?
  6. :yes:

    similar incident happened to me about a month ago, my son spilled a whole glass of red iced tea on my mono speedy handles, tabs and piping,:Push: i immediately grabbed baby wipes and wiped the spill. Now, there are no visible stains on the vachetta. good luck!!!!
  7. Ok guys......PHEW! I immediately searched for baby wipes...but since my youngest is 4 I didn't have any....but I found "dog wipes" (don't ask) and used those. I was in a total panic and ran up the street to get baby wipes and when I was in the store I tore them open and used them. Amazing I can hardly see anything! I AM SO RELIEVED! I was SOOO upset you would have thought something happened to one of my kids! Thanks for your responses guys. :smile:
  8. yay! i am sooo protective of my lvs, i might as well not even use them......