Help! Red patent or Black leather

  1. I'm debating over whether I should get a red patent Simple pump or one in black leather. So far I have two pairs of red CL's the Red Decolletes and the Wine Rolandos. As for the black I have Miss Boxe, Decolletes, Bourge, Patent Rolande, Patent No Prive, and some more I can't remember at the moment. I want to add a Declic in black leather some time soon.

    Do you think red patent simple pumps will be a good colour to add to my collection? I want to wear this every day so do you think its too bright?

    PS: I want to get either shoe in the 100mm version.
  2. Black leather Simple's are a style you can get anytime/anywhere, whereas colors like red, blue, green, magenta, yellow etc. aren't produced every my take is if it's a color you like, get it while you have the chance. I still regret not getting the Simple's in green patent when I had the chance.
  3. I am voting for the red patent. Red is a great pop color and has tons of attitude. I have a few pairs of red shoes and they are easier to wear than you might think. They are my fall back to give an outfit a little punch. I think that they will also be great to wear during the summer. Plus, like foxycleopatra said, you can get the black leather Simples any time. They are a classic shoe and you won't have to worry about missing out on them. The red is something that you have to grab while you can.
  4. If you want to wear them everyday, I suggest black. More versatile.
  5. I agree with Foxy, go with the red. They are rather rare and HTF so you might regret it later if you cannot find it.
    I also wished that I didn't pass on the green patent simples last spring.
  6. I'm trying to track down red patent simples in 100mm... Please post if you find any.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Do you guys think the red on the red simple is a great shade of red? It seems to be more of a true red and on the rolandos.

    Nettenette: What size are you looking for?
  8. Split the patent!:p
  9. Red Patent!!! I love mine to death! I'd kick DH out of the bed and sleep with my Red Patent Simples every night if I could.
    modpics 020 467x350.jpg
  10. red patent. they are HTF and you will probably be sorry you passed your chance up when they are unavailable!
  11. Red patent. And we're going to need a family pic soon--or have you posted one?

    I like your collection!!!!!!
  12. Black for everyday but personally I would buy the red... even if you don't wear them all the time, they really help cheer up an outfit.:yes:
  13. :yes: I'm with palmerlover.
  14. I vote for the red simples. As others have said, they can be the pop in a workday outfit.

    I know Nordies is getting the red simple 70's for spring, but who has the red patent 85's or 100's?
  15. Javaboo,

    If you'd like a male prospective on this:

    Want to be noticed? (more than usual of course) - go for the Red.

    If not - go for the Black.

    In my opinion you only live once, so go for the red. I may be wrong but it sounds like the red may already be your preference anyway.