Help - red patent ergo tote

  1. What is the retail and style number for the red patent ergo TOTE? What does the lining look like? Thanks!
  2. 11012

    leg stripe lining :yes:
  3. The retail price is $398.
  4. Thanks! You guys are awesome!
  5. legacy stripe lining?????? fudge man and they had to move the end date of the PCE... just great!! i must resist!!
  6. I have the red patent hobo and I love the red fabric lining inside-definitely not boring-although a legacy stripe lining would have been nice, too!
  7. oh i was about to say... must buy because of lining :nuts::wtf::drool:
  8. the hobo has red satin lining

    the tote has legacy stripe lining

  9. tote??? where???? how much???? ahhhhhhhhh where????
  10. $398 style 11012, you can order it from coach
  11. oho no thats horrible!!! it would match my comic book keyfob perfectly!!!! *pulls hair out* no more bags no more bags!
  12. on another note i think i might be selling my comic book keyfob.. i barely use it now that i only have the chevron hobo, brown duffle and new poppy tote :sad: the patent leather and the keyfob would go great together :sad:
  13. dont sell your comic book, buy the red patent!!! they would be so cute! it's so pretty!! with pce it will be less than $300!!!
  14. Uh, yeah..what court said....

    keep the comic book, add the red patent tote with the awesome legacy lining, mix in one PCE and a helpful SA and enjoy!
  15. sorry, I got a little excited, I'm a bit passionate about the red patent

    I seriously think my red patent hobo is my fav purse, not fav coach, fav purse ever!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::love: