Help! Red, Grey or black new bbag?

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  1. I went to the Balenciaga store in London today with the sole purpose of getting a red bag with GGH...... When I got there though I was dazzled by choice! I think I have finally narrowed it down to either a red brief, a light grey worker (is that called argent?) or a black brief... all with GGH. I already have a black GGH hobo and a purple SGH in a shape that looks like the brief but isn't that and I have no idea what it is :shrugs:

    Opinions please, my boyfriend is no help!:smile:

    I do love the idea of having a red bbag because I've seen my friends red one ware in so well but I just don't know!!! :thinking:
  2. I VOTE FOR THE RUBY (red) GGH !!!! below is my ruby part time GGH ... it's insanely beautiful!!!

    i think argent is too light and will get dirty almost instantly... and you already have a black/ggh combo!

    the purple bag that shapes like brief could be the RTT bag .


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  3. Red :tup:

  4. Yes, that's it! RTT. I'll remember that now. I am in love with my purple bag but I am guilty of throwing it around so you are probably right about the argent.

    Your bag is stunning! Very beeeeyooootiful :drool:
  5. so now hurry and buy it !!! and post photos too please !!!!!
  6. Ok!:yes:
  7. hi,

    oooh get the red with GGH! that combo is amazing!

    do you remember what other red bags they had? did they have any Ruby Red cities or part times with GSH?
  8. They definitely had the ruby red city with GSH.... and I think I saw a part time too. I was literally grabbing everything! I'll confrim when I go back tomorrow for you.

    I think they had black cities with GSH too!
  9. ooooh now I've got some decisions to make :biggrin:
  10. Well what do you already have?
  11. well I'm deciding between a black GGH or ruby GSH - my two HGs!!
    I'll get both, but I don't know if I should wait for Bal London to get a Black GGH city/pt

    or if I should get the ruby GSH, and the black GGH later

    it's my first Bbag, by the way! but definitely not my last!
  12. Well I love my purple bbag and I use it just as much as my black if not more because it really makes an outfit pop!

    The sales lady today said to me that if you know you're going to get more then one you should go for a colour because they will always do black....

    So I say RED!!! post a pic when you get it ;)
  13. If I can get confirmation that bal stores will continue to sell ggh bags, I will most definitely get the ruby red!
  14. Well hello there ring my bell!

    I have seen the pic of the ruby red and it looks stunning, get that one please!

    I want one with GGH, I've seen a black and gold in something else so I could have another popping one from Bal!:shrugs:

  15. I'm all about the popping!

    I've just been discussing the red/grey/black GGH thing with my friend and she said to me "while there are black and gold chanel 2.55's in this world you should definitely get a colored one". I was like "well when you put it like that, I have to agree!"..... So since I have the black GGH hobo and a black/gold 2.55 the red one it is!

    (unless they dazzle me something else tomorrow! :P )