Help! Red Epi Alma or Blue Mini Lin Croisette Speedy?

  1. I think I'm in big trouble. Few weeks ago finally bought the Alma in red epi that I've been dreaming about for the past few months. So happy! Then I saw the Speedy in mini lin croisette in blue. And fell in love again! Since its a limited edition, I also bought it. I'm so afraid that it will be out of stock by the time I made up my mind. But I can only keep 1 bag. I have to let go of 1. which 1 to keep? this is my 2nd LV. I have speedy 30 in damier. I figured I can always get the Alma in Epi in the future as it is a regular line unlike the mini lin croisette. but what will I do with 2 speedys? and also, I think the mini lin croisette is the closest to monogram that I will go as I don't like monogram. is the mini lin croisette as low maintenance as the damier? what if I just sell my damier? then I'd get to keep both red epi alma and the mini lin croisette speedy... what do you think?
  2. Def Epi Red Alma, it's classic and everlasting :smile: I like limited edition pieces but I have no feel for Cruise Collections. I've bad experience with my cruise collections 04 & 05.
  3. ^ Agree.. my vote goes to Epi Red Alma. It is definitely much more classier. :love:
  4. Stay with the red epi alma. She's more durable and will last a long time. Merry Christmas
  5. ^^^ Yup totally agree. Besides I think the cruise line is hard to keep clean, and it is not as versatile. Love red epi!!!
  6. I'm not in love with the mini lin croisette line so my vote is for red epi alma!
  7. Oh Love both but Red Epi is TDF!
  8. I say keep the speedy... You can always buy the Alma but like you said the speedy is LE.