HELP!!!!!red ballpen mark on the strap!!!

  1. Guys~~~~~i need help:cry: there are some tiny RED ballpen marks on one strap of my BH:noggin: :noggin: :noggin: :noggin:how can i get rid of them?
  2. Hm, try an eraser?? Or maybe some saddle soap.
  3. i tried the eraser, didnt work........:cry:
  4. I feel your pain...I carried my fuschia neo speedy ONCE on Easter...I swear I had a pen in my hand for 2 seconds and Ill be damned if there is not a blue dot on one of the handles...unbelievable. I also had one on my Tulum strap and I was able to get it out with the eraser.
  5. Hm, I know Zout removes pen from interior of bags, dont know if anyone has tried it on vachetta.
  6. magic eraser?