help - red bag v. black bag

  1. i have had my eye on the small edie for some time - since i saw it on the mj web site this summer in black... well it turns out that it is also available in red... the small edie is part of the stones collection so there are other colors involved.

    stay with me here... the black bag has a grey half circle rimmed with white and a second half circle in red all framed in gold hardware. the red bag has a blue half circle as well as the grey half circle rimmed in white, again with gold hardware...

    the bag is quite small. suitable for non formal evening or events or days when you can do with a small bag... it's a largish clurch really with a small handle

    what to do??? the s.a. said he felt the red had too much going on what with all the stones and the red and the gold... you can see the red on in the m.j. fall 2007 fashion show slideshow in the detail shots - it is technically called cranberry - which better describes this color. the black is on the m.j. web site under bags for fall 2007.

    i already own various sizes of black bags - who doesn't on this forum - as well as a large miu miu satchel in red...

    help!!! i defer to the wisdom of the forum... this question is driving me crazy and there is not an unlimited supply of these bags so i can't take forever over this...:shrugs:
  2. Hmmm.... Although I love colored accessories, I think I would go with black from what you described. Since this line is expensive, I'd want the color that has some classic staying power. I think the red sounds patriotic with the blue stone, and I imagine a "mod" look to it which may not remain as classic as the black.
  3. I agree with Thithi, with the cost of this line I would go with the black. You will use it more because of the the color. If you go with red, you may not like it in the long run and regret spending that much $ on it. Now I love a red bag, but you have one already that you can do more with. JMO. Good luck with your decision.
  4. I agree with the ladies above. The black has more longevity plus it has great accent colors in gray and red from its stones. Keep us posted on which one you get! :yes:
  5. thanks so much!!!

    thithi you bring up some good points. i never considered the red, white and blue patriotic/mod look to the red bag but it is definitely there.
    thanks also to shoebuyer37 and luvpurses24 - it IS expensive - not hermes expensive - but a real investment piece for me so i really have to be sure.

    after much thought and with your input - i am thinking black is the way to go. i have six more days to decide. i bought the black as there was only one left and there are two left in the red so unless there is a mad rush on the red i should be able to exchange before my time runs out... but i don't think i will...
  6. Good choice, I would've gone with black as well.
  7. i'm glad you made your choice. i'm loving the stones line myself, but i'm too chicken to take the plunge. be sure to post pictures asap, so i can :drool:.
  8. Black good choice!:supacool::tender:
  9. pics please
  10. o.k. i will post pics tomorrow (thursday) as today was too crazy and i had no time. black it is...:heart:
  11. o.k. here are the photos
    DSCN1146.jpg DSCN1147.jpg DSCN1148.jpg
  12. Wow, it's beautiful, congrats and enjoy her (I'm only a little bit jealous - well actually a lot. I LOVE your bag) :drool:
  13. oh, thank you i love it too... haven't yet worked up the courage to carry it. just oohing and ahing over it at home for now. maybe this weekend...
  14. Gorgeous!! I love the red and gray combination of stones! I also like how it has a back zippered pocket. Congrats and thanks for sharing pics with us!!:yahoo:
  15. The black is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!