Help:Recommend Dermatologist in New York

  1. Ladies I need your help in looking for a Legit/Board Certified dermatologist here in New York[Manhattan ,Brooklyn queens ,etc.]That [SIZE=-1]specializes in chemical peels, [/SIZE]microdermabrasion etc.

    Reason is ....I have oily skin ,large pore and uneven skin tone. Time for a microdermabrasion? Yes, Ive tried everything and nothing helps. It just gets worst and worst .

    So my question is whos your Dermatologist or recomend?

    -Thank you

  2. In queens (jackson heights) - dr. miriam casal she's great
  3. I used to go to Georgette Klinger in Manhattan. Now I go down to Chinatown. My skin looks way better PLUS its waaaay cheaper. I will get the info and post it for you.
  4. I have a minor skin problem....Im going to see my determatologist in a few's not very serious at all so they put me on a really long waiting list.