HELP! Rec'd my Marine GGH brief...


What to do with Anthracity??

  1. Keep the Anthracity silly!

  2. Sell the Anthracity and get another color!

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  1. So, I rec'd my Marine GGH brief from BalNY - it's absolutely beautiful! Not quite accustomed to the size yet as I've only carried City bags in the past. But the real problem is that I currently own an Anthracity. Does the Marine look too close in color to the Anthracite? I think it does. So I am wondering if I should part with the Anthracity and get another color? Or just keep the Anthracity? I'm worried that my Anthracity is just gonna sit in my closet. :sad:
  2. Guh..anthracity... *dead of lust*

    Are you more partial to the marine than the anthra? And has the anthra been sitting in your closet for awhile? If so... then I'd think about selling her.
  3. I voted for you to keep the Anthra city, because personally I love Anthra (I have a giant hobo on the way to me right now :yahoo:!!) and I find them to be two fairly distinct colors. But, really in the end if you feel that they are two similar and are afraid that you won't end up using the Anthra then you probably should sell her for a color that you will really :love: and use a lot!
  4. Well, lately I've been carrying my Rouge Vermillion just bc I've been wearing dark colors and I like to carry bold colored accessories with that type of outfit...
  5. ^^ keep the marine, sell the anthra!!! :tup:
  6. well, i love the color marine- I'm still dreaming of an amazing marine first that hgbags had, but I didn't buy. It was perfection. On the other hand, your anthracity looks perfectly smooshy and broken in- it's really a stunner. But if you don't think you'll use it (and it sounds like the love for anthra has faded a bit), then I'd consider selling to get something you'll really love.
  7. I think the Anthracite is TO DIE FOR, so I'd keep that one, if I were choosing between the 2.

  8. I was just asking myself the same thing earlier. I am wanting an Anthra something but then I got distracted by Marine. I like both but I would have one over the other. I vote sell the Anthra!!!
  9. I think they are different enough to keep both :yes:. But definitely don't sell your anthracity!
  10. Hi ohuprettything!I love anthra,don't sell it!!!:crybaby:
    Oh...your brief is to die for...:drool:....:ninja:!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It's up to you, but my anthracity is my favorite Bal bag! But it sounds like you're leaning toward keeping the marine and selling the anthra, so do what's best for you.
  12. they don't look similar to me at all!
    totally different!
    keep them both!!!!!!
  13. keep them both if you could!
    im sure you're going to use both of them as they're TOTALLY different bags, and the anthra city is probably much more light-weighted so you can use them at different occasions?
  14. I actually like the Anthra color better as it is more vibrant. They are both deep blues and I, personally, like variety. If you really think you will not get much wear out of it, I would suggest you exchange it for another color.
  15. both!