Help! Rebecca Minkoff Virgin! :)

  1. Okay ladies... I've snuck over here from Balenciaga and Belen Echandia (shhhh!).... I saw Jocele's pics of her Elephant MA bag and I really liked it. So can someone explain how much bigger or smaller the Morning After is than the Matinee? Strap drop length? etc?

    Also, most importantly.... where can I find these bags at a discount? lol. I hate trying something new at full price. :smile: I love the black, the blue,... something colorful?

    Any advice would be so helpful.... hopefully I'm not asking stupid questions! :smile: Thanks!
  2. Haha, we won't tell! Welcome to RM! The Morning after is definitely larger, though the Matinee may be slightly wider. I will have to find measurements. Here is a pic of my RMs that may give you a slight idea of how they compare. (Sorry not a better comparison but I am at work.) Strap drop on Matinee is app. 7.5".


    Matinee -- 17 in x 8 in x 8 in

    Morning after Mini -- 12.5 in x 6.5 in x 7 in

    Morning after -- 16" W x 9 1/2" H x 8 1/2" D
    6 1/2" drop
  3. Thank you so much for the pic! :smile: I'm a big bag kind of gal and I don't want it to look tiny on me. I'm also 5'9" tall and a size 16... so god forbid I have a teeny purse on me. :smile: Any suggestions as to where to get a good deal? lol. I'm sure that is the question of the day....
  4. By the way... what color is your matinee bag in the front? its beautiful!
  5. What does everyone think of the Elisha...
  6. eBay has some really great deals. It's also pretty safe since RM bags haven't been faked yet.
  7. Really? Oh thats good. I am very wary when buying from eBay... Balenciagas are SOO knocked off so I really get a bit nervous when dealing with ebay. :smile:
  8. I recently got my first RM a morning after mini on ebay, I feel the same as you about not wanting to pay full price for something new!!! I love it!!!!! I had great luck on ebay and would buy there again, at least while RM remains a smaller label!

    I liked the bag so much I preordered a spring bag from Label360 within 2 hours of receiving the bag!!! You can order through Label360, Luna Boston and Revlove and get 20%-%30 off which makes the bags a pretty good price. Thanks to GUNG for pointing that out in my search. I ordered a Tangerine MAM from the spring line, $412 including shipping!

    I have been looking at getting a Belen Echandia, (missed the colors I wanted during the three day sale) but I have a hard time paying full price for something I have never seen too! Any suggestions on finding one at a discounted price. I haven't been able to find anything!
  9. Thanks guys! :smile: I just got back from Nordys and saw their Dream bag... its sooo super duper soft. I love love it. :smile: I'm a bit confused... there are some that are really soft and squishy and others that are stiffer. Do we know which ones are stiff and which aren't?

    As for BE.. I know a lot of gals will be getting their new bags in the next few weeks... I'd check on ebay at the end of the month to see if anyone is parting with theirs. If not there, then I'd check out and order one there. At least you have free shipping (i think) and you don't pay customs fees.
  10. You know.. I'm really loving the look of the Matinee. I think I might get a MAB and a Matinee. Can you ladies tell me if the leather on MAB and Matinee bags are pretty soft and squishy? :smile: I saw the dream bag at Nordys and it was soooo soft.....
  11. Hi starsnhevn, you came to the right place -- the ladies here are all very helpful! :smile:

    There's a thread here where a member posted about the different leather characteristics -- I'll try and look for that for you, but off the bat, based on my personal experience:

    Emerald leather (have an MAB) -- soft and smooshy. Bag collapses when it's not packed.
    Wine leather (have the Get Away Tote) -- soft and smooshy like the Emerald, only this has more of a sheen, which makes me think it is more "durable" than the Emerald
    Glazed Espresso leather (have a Matinee) -- structured and a bit stiffer than the first two but it's getting softer and more supple with my everyday use. I love how I don't have to worry too much about it, the glazed finish makes it tougher than the first two. Water droplets = no problem. I love this bag the most because of its many pockets!
  12. There are a few types of leather on RM bags. Madaboutdarcy gave a great run-down, there.

    In general, there are matte colors (saddle, chocolate, espresso, light grey, emerald, sage, the stonewash colors, probably satin wash ones, etc) which are extremely soft and squishy. There are shinier colors, which aren't glazed, but are stiffer than the matte ones yet are still soft enough that the bag will collapse on itself (dark grey, eggplant, mocha, wine, etc.). The glazed colors (glazed espresso, glazed almond) are stiffer still, but I can't comment on the feel because I haven't seen these IRL. The stiffest of them all is elephant grey.