Help! Rebecca Minkoff tote in navy or royal?

  1. Hi all, I need help making a decision: Rebecca Minkoff is having a sample sale, and the tote I LOVE is knocked down to $300! (BTW, info is posted in the Deals forum, and you can email them to find out what they'll have and how much.) I'd love to get two, but unfortunately only have the money for one... so I need to choose a color. I've narrowed it down to Navy or Royal (see them here:

    When I saw this bag in royal, I was blown away. However, I'm still in law school, so it probably makes more sense to go with navy because it's more practical--I could carry it to my summer clerkship, and it wouldn't show dirt as much when I take it to school every day (so it would probably last longer).

    However, I just adore the royal color. What should I do? Be practical now and hope that two years down the road (after I graduate and have way more bag money) the royal is still around?

    Opinions, please!
  2. Hmmm.. well for wearability I'd go for the navy. It's more of a neutral, you can match it to more clothing and looks more grown up. I personally dislike blue, but this is what I'd choose if I had to.
  3. I'd go with goes with pretty much everything and it looks great on that tote!
  4. I vote for navy.
  5. Well, if you're in the market, they have it also in caramel and white. Caramel is lovely, but I wear a lot of black and really don't like mixing black and brown together. And white is totally impractical.
  6. I just ordered the royal tote today. I really like bright bags, so navy was out of the question for me.
  7. i'm jealous! i went with navy, since it's probably better suited to my current needs.

    the royal isn't quite as bright as it looks online. it's lovely, though. :heart:
  8. The royal isn't really that bright? No!!! I really was hoping it was. Kate at the sample sale told me it wasn't electric blue, but that it was a pretty bright shade. I really like the chocolate color, too. Well, I hope we are both happy when they arrive as all sales are final. Post pics when she comes and we can compare.
  9. Congrats to both of you on your new RM bags!
  10. I would say Navy . It will not be out of fashion like the royal will be soon, but they are both pretty.
  11. Good choice I really like this style in navy, hope to see irl pics soon!
  12. The royal is a unique color.. it changes from bright to a deeper cobalt blue depending on the light you're in.
    It's niiiice :biggrin:
  13. I found the Royal color to be really bright. I always think of royal as a dark bright blue, but I would call RM's Royal bright blue.
  14. I have to say the navy one in this case.
    I'm not nuts about the style, so it's hard to say - but I'm not crazy about the lighter blue color either. I'm sorry.
  15. I got the royal and it's not that bright, but boy is it huge!!! Maybe too big for my tastes. I'll have to post some pics. I'm not as excited as I was hoping to be. Oh well, on to the next bag on my wish list.