HELP!! Rebecca Minkoff MAM QUESTION-

  1. I finally decided after a long time of back and forth to go ahead and purchase the RM MAM in Dark Grey/ Silver Hardware from the Funkylala website at full price. I just received an email that they are completely out of stock (don't know why they choose to keep it listed on their site but whatever) and I'm devistated. I never buy bags at full retail prices but I wanted this bag so BAD! Can anyone tell me where I can still find one of these PLEEEEEEASE?

    Thank you all so much!
  2. Wow, I tried to search for this bag and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. However, I did find it in the regular size.
  3. Yeah, I've only seen it lately in the regular MA size. Sorry, hope you find it!
  4. I feel like I'm always sooooo behind in finally recognizing and deciding to buy myself trendy things, so I was bummed too when I decided the morning after mini in dark grey and it was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! I tried ordering from as well and was told they weren't going to get anymore. So I've been bummed all day until...

    I FOUND ONE! I would highly recommend contacting any of your local designer boutiques to see if they carry any. The first one I called up, just so happened to have it and on sale too! I am soooo excited! I'm picking it up tomorrow :smile:. YAY ME!

    So hang in there, call around the designer boutiques in your area...there's bound to be one that sells it or has one left. GOOD LUCK!
  5. I'm a Malibu girl living in Philadelphia-- there are NO designer boutiques here : ( There's a few I guess but I have yet to see any that carry RM. I have faith one will come my way though. If anyone sees anything out there please let me know (unless you're looking for one yourself : )) Thank you for all your responses.

    Missjanet: Does that boutique have anymore of them??
  6. I PM'd you this, but this local boutique named Shop by me has one - maybe they ship? call them @ 212-375-0304
  7. Check eBay occasionally too! As a saved search. I always check RM and you can get it for a good deal and I've seen the RM MAM in gray pop up a few times. If you can wait anyway!
  8. I'm in the Philly area too and I believe Boyd's carries Rebecca Minkoff and also Petulias Folly on Sansom. Give them a call and see if they can point you in the right direction if they don't have anything. Good luck!
  9. OOOH! Hard to find bag! Like other posters have said, I think you will have a better time trying to find one in local boutiques as opposed to online retailers. I suggest periodically checking eBay as well. I just recently saw one that had sold.
  10. sorry littlerock, it was there last one. they had an MAM in brown for $440 though.