Help! Really stuck - Deciding between the Epi Alma or Jasmin?


Which would you prefer - EPI Jasmin or alma

  1. Epi - Jasmin?

  2. Epi - Alma?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Really stuck - Deciding between the Epi Alma or Jasmin? :confused1:

    I’d really love to hear which one you would pic?
    They’re really pretty similar to me, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts and input. :tender:

    I was reading the thread “LV Epi Jasmin versus LV Epi Alma. Hate decisions...” And just can’t decide, so thought a poll might help.

    Thank you so much for your time and thoughts!!
  2. Heh Heh..Let me be the first to vote. I want and epi alma too. I think it is a classic...and it is definitely more formal
  3. I vote for alma too in the new cassis colour ... I have seen the alma used for both formal & casual events:yes:
  4. I was told the Alma and Jasmin will both be available in Cassis and Grenade :nuts::yahoo::nuts:
  5. I voted for jasmin ;)
  6. Jasmin!
  7. I vote Jasmin since I just recently got it and absolutely love it! I have the alma in damier.
  8. I voted for the Jasmin. The handles on the Alma are to small.
  9. jasmin! it's so cute!
  10. i'd go with the jasmin - i prefer the shape to the alma.
  11. I vote for the alma. It's on my short to-get list. I think it is a classic and will always look great.
  12. Alma, I like the shape of both but the size will make alma more practical.
  13. I voted for Jasmin. It's a more versatile bag. If you need a formal bag for work, then go for the Alma.
  14. They're both beautiful bags, but I think I prefer the Jasmin just a bit more.
  15. jasmin for me.