Help-Reade PM or small Lockit????

  1. So hubby wants to buy me a new bag for Christmas. I have been looking at bags on Eluxury and came down to the two that I feel I love more than any others.
    1) The small Lockit in monogram-like the size and nice that it has a zipper. Like the leather bottom (I had a large Noe that was over 20 years old)....but do I need another monogram bag? (I have 5 monogram bags).
    2) The reade PM in the new color that looks like cherry cola....armarante (spelling?). Love my vernis ludlow wallet, cles and agenda.... Love the color of this bag. I like totes, easy to get in and out of. But--is the bag too small??? I don't carry much when I have smaller bags but don't want it to look like I have my daughter's purse. How will the wear be on this bag? Some of my monogram bags are well over 20 years and still look nice but I baby my bags and use leather conditioner and don't throw them around.

    So for those of you who have one of these bags can you tell me what you like or dislike about them. I was looking at the Reade club on the LV forum and fell in love with all the pretty colors. It seems alot of you love these bags.
  2. This is a hard one. I LOVE the lockit. I don't own one but I would love to have one, but I feel like I have enough mono bags for now. The reade pm is really cute and it's such a pretty color, but I hear that this color picks up a lot of fingerprints and it is a bit small....

    I think I'm leaning towards the lockit.

  3. I have the cles and it does not seem to have a fingerprint problem or at least it is not something that I see which would bother me. I just am so in love with the color. I am a stay at home mom who works from home with my husband so I don't need a special size bag. I just can't seem to make up my mind. The only thing pushing me towards the Reade PM is that I have 5 monogram bags and think maybe I should expand into something else. I guess I wish I could buy both but do not need 2 new bags. I tend to keep my bags forever or if I get tired of a bag I will sell it to my sister and buy a new one. I just can't decide.....
  4. I voted for the Reade since you already have 5 mono bags.You really need to try it on and have a feel of the size as to me it is too petit. Let us know what you ended up with!
  5. i love vernis (especially amarante!), but if i had to choose between the two I'd definitely get the Lockit. I love the style and it seems like the most practical bag. I generally don't like Monogram but ever since I saw someone at work with a mono Lockit I was like :drool: .

    and a month or so ago i too was thinking about getting the Reade PM, till I saw it in person at a boutique, and was like whoa that is *small* (my DH said it looked like a "little girl's purse", lol). I really like the Reade, and i think it looks great on a lot of ppl but I'm not a petite person (i'm 5'6") and so i thought it would look a tad ridiculous on me...
  6. I vote for Lockit. I ever had Reade PM in any colors, it's so small for me and I love bag with zpper/closure.
  7. I measured the size of the reade PM against one of my daughter's lunch boxes. Her lunch box was I guess it might be cute purse for evenings but as a daytime purse I think it is too small for me. So I am ordering the lockit today. I still would like to hear what people have to say about both purses. I also think maybe a zipper purse is the way to go......I got the neverful MM a few months ago and sometimes when I am driving it falls over in the seat and some of the stuff falls out....
  8. reade is nice if you're looking for an occassional bag. Its small the handles are smaller ( hard to put your hand into)then others and doesnt carry much.
    I would say if you're looking more for an everyday bag go for the lockit.
  9. The lockit would be nice.
  10. I would vote for the lockit but if you already have 5 mono bags what about an epi one? Epi lockit are very classy!
  11. How about an Epi Lockit in black or ivorie?
  12. I'd get the Lockit - there's just something about it lately that I like.
  13. I would go for the lockit!
  14. I own both (but the Reade PM in both Peppermint and Rouge, not Amarante) and I would agree with others that the Lockit is great for everyday. I would even compare it to a Speedy 25--holds your basics, goes with everything, can be casual or dressed up. The Reade PM on the other hand does not zip up at the top, so I am careful when shopping with it since I am afraid of pickpockets, but it is a lovely bag for evening especially since it has a nice gloss to it. IMHO, two totally different bags. If you like the color of the Amarante, get it now since vernis colors are LE. If you like the top zip and everyday ease of a Speedy-like bag, the Lockit is for you. Make sure both hold enough for you on a daily basis. I am only 5'2" so Speedy 25s, the Lockit, and Reade PMs look proportional on me. If you need a bigger bag, the Lockit vertical is nice, and so is the Bedford (plus it has a top zip) if you are craving vernis. Good luck and have fun with the decision process!
  15. The Reade is teeny tiny.
    I've heard a rumor that LV is coming out with a new tote style for the next vernis color and I'm really excited about that because I love totes. So, I'm waiting for that.
    But if you want a bag now, get the lockit. I just don't think that the Reade is anything more than a special occasion bag. Or go for a bigger vernis bag like the Houston.