Help Reaching Someone at NY Manolo Store

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  1. Hi! I have been calling the New York Manolo store for a few days. A jewel fell off my shoe and I want to take a photo, and email it to them, so they can send it to me. However, no one will answer the phone. Does anyone have an email address for the SAs, or the store, or repair/corporate? TIA!
  2. If you bought the shoes from the NY boutique, call and leave a message for Abby.
    She has always been great about calling me back.
  3. They're running their winter sale right now so they're probably busier than usual. I'd do what shoefan suggested or wait until after the sale (it runs through the end of the month).
  4. Thanks so much! I finally reached someone yesterday, and that's exactly what they told me- it is sale time, and so really hectic for them.