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  1. Hello!

    Can anyone tell me what the difference in length is between the shoulder straps of the Buon Viaggio versus the Mamma Mia?

    Is the drop of the straps of the Mamma Mia MUCH SHORTER than the BV?

    Is the Mamma Mia a really COMFORTABLE SHOULDER bag? Or should I stick with the BV?

    I already have SEVERAL Buon Viaggios, and it's the perfect shoulder bag for me, but I'd like to try a Mamma Mia, but only if it's a good shoulder bag.

    Can anyone who has BOTH tell me the differences?

  2. I held each up in my hand, and put a ruler at the zipper. Measuring straight up, the BV is about 11 inches and the MM is 9.5. They feel the same to me, since the BV can be stuffed more, so it helps to be a little lower.

    Inferno MM and Black Camo BV:

    Attached Files:

  3. I prefer my BV's to the MM.. At first I was all about the MM, but after a while, it took more effort to slide on & off of my big arms, thats when I went to collecting BVs & Stellinas & bambinones instead
  4. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to do this, outpt!!:flowers:

    This was SO HELPFUL!

    You really helped me out.

    By the pics and the measurements you gave, it looks like the MM sort of can be a comfortable shoulder bag, depending on the person's frame. Obvioulsy for someone as thin as you, it looks really great!

    Again, I appreciate your input/outpt!:P
  5. No problem, LVixen! Hehe, thanks. :smile: I've been meaning to take collection/reference pics, but I've been too lazy to do everything at once. Oh, and I'm 5'6" and 102lbs, to put my tiny arm in context.

    I'd give the MM. If you like the BV, I would definitely recommend the zucca too. Hands down, most comfortable bag to carry. I had to clean the heck out of my Adios Star zucca the other day, it was showing just how much I like to wear it. :Push:
  6. Oh, I meant to ask you. How does the size of the Stellina compare to the size of the Bambinone?

    Which one is larger?
  7. I totally agree! I've started a nice little Zucca collection! LOVE the Zucca style!
    Now, if I could only find a Foresta Zucca...That would be my dream come true...:heart:
    Toki 032.jpg Toki 051.jpg Toki 041.jpg