HELP re: Receipts for ebay purchases

  1. Here is the situation: I just sold a pair of CL pumps on eBay. I purchased them from Saks online. I want to send a copy of the receipt along with the shoes, however I would like to know what information to black out on the receipt. Should I black out the order #? The reason that I ask is because I went to the Saks site and typed in the order number and all of my info came up. Of course the cc numbers were in this form - AMEX xxxxxxxxxx1234, but it had my name, shipping address, etc. Now I know that the buyer will have my shipping address when I send the shoes and I want her to feel comfortable that she has purchased authentic CLs, so how much info should I block out?? I am awaiting payment from her (they just sold 30 mins ago) so I need to know what your thoughts are asap! TIA :shrugs:
  2. Ummm that is tricky. Any info you blackout she could just lookup with the order number. Maybe send her a copy with the order number blacked out and mark through the CC.
  3. Did you offer the receipt in your listing? If not I would say do not send the receipt unless the buyer requests it. If buyer wants it send a copy (never send originals, orginals will help you in case of a lost or damaged package). I would blackout anything that makes you uncomfortable giving to a stranger.
  4. I agree don't offer the receipt unless required and black out the transaction number at minimum

  5. I just wanted to add that for a Saks purchase there will be a record of the transaction which can be pulled at their registers proving you purchased it and it can be looked up by simply matching up your last name and first name...