Help! Re: Fendi Zucchino Baguette Dustbag - Friend Or Faux!!

  1. I'm concerned because I received my Fendi in the mail. I researched the site with the BBB, and they seem to be authentic enough!

    I ordered a Prada which I know is real. However, the Fendi dustbag looks really weird! It is black and velvety, but it has this weird strappy thing almost glue gunned on the back! It looks wretched. I posted this bag on eBay as 100% authentic, but I feel I need to do some more research to prove or disprove this notion.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? The dustbag looks really generic, thereby making my Fendi look like a piece of "****e". Also, I only got one authenticity card. Is that normal?

    Anyone out there! Thanks! You're the best!


    Virgin Designer Purse Purchaser