Help! Re: Bagtinolles

  1. hey guys!
    i notice most you ppl on the forum are in LOVE with the BH...
    i think it looks too big and want something smaller...
    so what i'm wondering is... does anyone own a bagtinolles... if so what to you think of it?
    i'm trying to decide right now between the popincourt haut or the bagtinolles... can u fit that over ur shoulder cuz i notice that the handles are shorter than the BH, BV and PH...
    thanks guys!
  2. If you have super skinny arms will fit, however will not fit when wearing thick coats or sweaters.
    I bought BH instead and it is not all that big, it is a great everyday bag.
  3. I have it, it fits kinda awkward on the shoulder, kinda like the bag is suffocating your armpit:blink: ...but incase you need your hands free for a few minutes it works. Its mostly a handheld. It fits just as much stuff as a PH. Its a cute bag:love:

  4. =) thank you!
    by any chance do u have a picture of you holding it?
  5. I have the BH. Its an awsome bag size wise, fit, and completely functional. Not too big at all.
  6. I just returned the PH it is cute but, a tad small for me..I exchanged it for the Lockit Horizontal because I want a big bag with a zip..the PH was super cute but, not roomy for everyday stuff big agenda, snacks, make up and papers...wish I could have both but can only afford one so decided on the practical rather than super cute!
  7. Sure, will post one up in a few minutes
  8. I prefer the BV over the BH.. the shape is just more comfortable !
  9. i don't really like the shape of the BV much... its a bit too long for my test... and the BH i find it a bit wide =(
    i want a good bag for school because i am sick and tired of using the same one every day =(
  10. I dont think the reg batignolles would work for your school stuff......:confused1:
  11. hehe i know.. but its just so cute looking! :P
    are there any other lv bags available that can fit a binder or something?
    i don't want the messenger or the musettes...
    i think i'll try on the BH and see how that looks
  12. [​IMG]i got this of Sophia's visual aids thread. DH took the digicam to work....
    I think the BV or BH would be better school bags for you.
  13. ooh that is just oh so cute though! haha i guess i'm gonna have to head to lv when i have time to try things on!
    thank you so very much for your help though!! :flowers:
  14. no is cute:love: ...Im thinking of getting her big sister BH:tender:
  15. Love my BH. I picked that over the PH when they first came out. I love the roomy space of the BH since it's a little bigger and I like big bags. If you're looking for one that holds a binder the cabas mezzo is great! I use that for school and usually switch between that and the BH for lighter days.