Help!! Rain spots on my Miu Miu hobo!

  1. I'm a bonehead-I didn't pretreat my handbag and today it got several spots from the rain on it... it hasn't rained in ages in Atlanta and now this happens with my brand new deerskin hobo! I could cry! Any advice on how to make it less noticeable? TIA!:wtf:
  2. You can do this at your own risk, but the same thing happened to me yesterday to my YSL Mombasa. The whole side that was facing away from my body got spotted like a freaking dalmation! I took a misting bottle filled with tap water and lightly misted the entire bag being careful not to let it puddle up or drip. It worked like a charm! I really soaked it too, letting the water soak into the leather before I spritzed it again. It's not deerskin though. Frankly I'm not sure what kind of leather it is. You might want to test the inside flap and see how it works if you want to try it. Again, no guarantees and at your own risk. In my case, I figured I had nothing to lose.
  3. Thanks, but I don't have a flap...I'm not sure I dare to do it, but appreciate the idea!:smile: Mine closes with a snap inside the bag.
    Any one else with any ideas?
  4. BUMP-anyone? Any other cures for my problem?
  5. Oh sorry! Seems everyone here posts about the Coffer, so I had that on the brain when I posted that suggestion.

    Have a look at the YSL forum. Helena posted some info (that thankfully I didn't need) about a restoration service. It's under my Mombasa in the Rain thread.