HELP! Rain spots/blisters on my Georgia! :'(

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  1. I got caught in a downpour and just noticed rain spots that turned into blisters on my black Georgia! :'( I wasn't able to wipe off the spots ASAP and now I'm so sad! I've searched threads and haven't found a way to get rid of them :nogood: Anyone experienced this with another bag? Please help!

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  2. Oh no I feel your pain :sad:(( no suggestions but I wonder if you can send it in to Chloe? Maybe they can minimize some of the damage, esp since you just bought it. Good luck!!
  3. I don't have any suggestions but wanted to say that I am devastated for you after seeing this picture!!!! I am going to search the forums for what products to use to protect my chloes because I haven't been using anything on them and now I am scared.

    I sincerely hope there is a solution for your bag.
  4. Sorry to hear this, has there been any improvement?

    I use collonil waterstop spray on my mulberry bags in addition to Lord Sheraton leather wipes for conditioning and added protection

    Hope you get this sorted
  5. @Louliu71, thanks for sharing! There hasn't been any improvement yet and I haven't found any solutions, but I'll definitely look into collonil waterstop spray. Has it worked for you on lambskin or other very delicate leathers before?

    @Mommy_of_3_2B, I usually don't condition or treat my bags either, and now I'm looking into treating the rest of them as well! Thanks for your shared sadness :crybaby:

    @sunny07, I'll try asking Chloe to see what they suggest! Thanks for your suggestion and for sharing in my pain! :cry:
  6. I haven't dealt with such issue, I use waterstop?UV protection spray on all my bags and seasonally condition them with leather gel (or whenever needed). just like facial skin leather needs treatment.
    In your situation I would treat the bag with collonil leather gel multiple times for several days untilyou see improvements or send it to leather repair service (you can ask in your local department store if they have an associated and trusted service nearby).
  7. @GemsBerry, thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into the collonil leather gel and also plan on finding a local leather repair service tomorrow. Thanks so much! :smile:
  8. I don't have a solution to your current problem. But I have used Apple brand leather conditioner previously on my leather jacket to take out some serious oil stains and it worked. Try it.

    In the future, may I suggest you carry a large folded plastic bag inside handbag. In case it pours, you can put your precious handbag inside the plastic bag and rush home.

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  9. Oh no! Hope you were able to get the bag repaired. I just bought the same bag and probably need to trey the bag before use.

  10. Are these the same products recommended for Balenciaga? I can't seem to get this in the Uk and wasn't sure if collonil waterstop spray would be too drying
  11. I believe so. If you can't get it in the UK, perhaps you can try Amazon. AppleGuard is on Amazon website.

  12. Thanks, didn't think of Amazon
  13. Thanks, hun. I will definitely look into Apple brand leather conditioner! I've heard of it, but haven't tried it yet. And I'll probably just carry a Marc by Marc Jacobs or something a little less precious on rainy days moving forward!
  14. Thanks! I haven't gotten it repaired yet, but definitely look into treating yours before wearing it! It's a gorgeous bag, but the lambskin is very delicate. But that's what makes the bag so pretty! :heart:
  15. Update: I called the Chloe boutique in Los Angeles and they gave me the name of a repair shop that they use for outsourcing repairs. Apparently many other brand boutiques in Los Angeles also recommend them. It's Rago Brothers in New Jersey, They have a mail in service, but I'm planning on taking a trip to NJ this spring/summer, so will probably wait to bring it in person. I'll let you all know how it goes! Anyone else have any experience with Rago Brothers?
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