Help! Quick!!

  1. I just found a FANTASTIC deal on a Botkier Stirrup, but I can't find pictures online of it on a model. (Is this bag discontinued?) I'm curious of how it sits and how big it looks. Does anyone have one/can post pictures? Or maybe you can find a pic of one being modeled and can copy and paste it? I'll take anything! If I get it, I have to be sure because sale items can't be returned. Thanks!!
  2. Which style? Hobo? Satchel? Or?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I had one that I gave to my daughter in the orangish brownish color. I don't think it is very big. It's nice big not thick (sits close to body) but leather is not smushy. Here is a pic but it's not modeled:
  5. Is that the hobo? That's the one. I likey. Thanks!!! I don't neeeeeeeed it, but it's $238 with free shipping and such a pretty blue color!:rolleyes:
  6. Yes, that's the hobo...
    And, since when is *NEED* a factor when it comes to bags...LOL... Anyway~ what a great deal and neat bag. Where are you finding such a great deal?
  7. The leather is quite thick & the bag is heavy.