Help...quick!...should I bid on this :D


    What would be a good deal for this bag? I bet those pen marks come off with the baby wipes....:yes:

    How high would you bid for it and what is this particular carly running for price range?

    hmmmm it is a beautiful color and im a sucker for blue:p
  2. I'd say it looks good! Looks authentic.....and in good condition. Good price! I'd say go for it! Good luck!
  3. Bid as high as you'd like to pay and then you know you got a great deal. It looks really good and that wallet is just adorable. Perfeft match. I say go for it and then let us know if you win!!!
  4. I would just keep bidding on it though, don't buy it for the Buy it now price. That's a little pricy.
  5. i'm not sure if its a good deal or not....i wonder why the close pics of the pen marks on the lining, the lining appears to be khaki and the other pics of inside are blue???
    don't bid up the price though!! bid at the last min--if you really want it!
  6. But where are those pen marks? She says on the inside of the bag but the pics are any where close to a blue color that is the lining of the bag :confused1:

  7. OOO...i do see that, wth??? hmmm
  8. Yep I just posted on this at the same time as you :yes:
  9. Oh jeez! You're right! How did I not notice that??? I'd ask the seller about that.
  10. maybe it is like under the flap part...inside the bag??? IDK what to do!
  11. almost looks like its courdaroy<<<spelling?
  12. UGH the reserve price >:O!!! I dont want to go over 200, so I think i'll let her go...PLUS i'm really interested in what she took a picture of. because that inside is all Blue...really really weird
  13. Hmmmmm.....maybe its the flash? IDK
  14. Maybe those pen marks are inside the zipper pocket inside the bag...
  15. Yeah, I'd let that one go. The entire lining of that bag should be blue. I think those are always on eBay though. You'll find a more suitable one!:smile: