Help! Quick Question!

  1. Hey girls!
    I just bought this Balenciaga bag, because it got offerred to the second highest bidder. Apparrantly the person who originally won it, thought she was bidding on a brand new bag, and so did not end up paying for it.
    Here's the bag:
    eBay Australia: AUTH BALENCIAGA MEDIUM MOTORCYCLE CITY BURGUNDY BAG (item 280047524622, end time 10-Nov-06 17:06:54 AEDST)
    Anyways, so i was wondering. When the bag gets sent to me in Australia will i get charged any taxes or anything? Sorry, it's my first time buying anything like this, so any help would be really appreciated!
  2. I'm sorry, I'm not sure on the taxes thing but, yeah, I believe when sending from US to Australia, you will have to pay taxes.

    I wanted to ask you if you are SURE that your second chance offer came from ebay. There are tons of scams going around with this so I don't want to insult you but please make sure the offer came from ebay!
  3. Thanks Glimmer! I didn't know that there were scams going around with this. How can i be sure? Everything looks good i think?:shrugs: I messaged the buyer and everything...and yeah everything seems ok.
  4. Wow - you got an excellent deal on that bag!!! You could ask her to mark it as a "gift" - then you may not get charged customs taxes.