HELP!!! quick question about Chanel handbags

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm usually browsing MJ, but I've fallen in love with 2 Chanel handbags. And this is a really ridiculous question, but I thought all you knowledgable ladies would know the answer! Will these two bags ever get marked down, or go on sale, or be part of some special event? (see pics below) I would to love get my hands on one, but am hesitant to purchase one off of eBay or something like that because of all the fakes out there, and the price is a bit over my budget right now. I know Chanel is classic though and will last forever, so it would be a smart investment. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  2. Sorry Betsybabe, but you have good taste and both these bags are very popular so it is very unlikely you will see these 2 styles ever go on sale. In fact, you have to hunt one down. Good luck in getting your Chanel bag!
  3. Just so you know what you're coveting, the top photo is a Med Luxe Bowler - definitely will not go on sale.
    2nd photo is a Cloudy Bundle Tote, also very unlikely to go on sale unless it's a random dept store that doesn't move much Chanel I'd imagine.

    ^She's right, both can be VERY hard to even find, much less at a discount.
  4. great taste!!

    If I recall the cloudy bundle tote was on sale for 30% somewhere (I think it Canada?) but I think it was only certain colors. Roey got a gorgeous one recently (but the straps broke!!!!!!!!!!) so she'll be able to give you more info
  5. Yes, I got my Cloudy Bundle tote on sale - same as Rachel Bilson only mine is beige. The Canada boutiques had the collection at 30% off and Nordstrom price matched the bag for me from their CA store. However, the sale is no longer ongoing in Canada so the price matching is over as well. I'm pretty confident Chanel may put the Cloudy Collection on sale come spring here in the USA.

    As for the broken strap, the bag was replaced and I'm hoping the new one will be fine! I don't even put a lot in my bags so think the broken strap on the first bag may have been a manufacturing defect that occured in the factory.
  6. Good luck!
  7. Maybe you can wait for Chanel to have a sale or for Nordstroms & Neimans to have a sale, and ask. You never know!

    Btw -- I'm not sure the lux ligne will ever be on sale... But keep your fingers crossed, because you never know!