Help quick please -- Mini-Bowling vs. First?

  1. I need to make a quick decision between a Mini-Bowling and a First. I'm getting an anthracite City but now want another bag that's smaller/different. At first, I wanted a black First but now there's an opportunity to get a black Mini-Bowling on sale for CDN$919 -- roughly US$800.

    I like the First because it's a classic but IMO it's a mini version of the City. But I'm drawn to the Mini-Bowling mainly because of its price and also it's N-S dimensions. I already feel very guilty about buying two b-bags at once so I feel I can better "justify" the Mini-Bowling. But I know I shouldn't just buy it because it's on sale.
    Price aside, which bag would you choose and why? :confused1:

    PS: Why the rush? Long story short, my DH is going on a biz trip tomorrow and will pick up my City. While he's there, I want him to nab another b-bag to take advantage of lower sales tax and a $147 gift cert.
  2. I would still go for the FIRST.
  3. Between the two, I definitely vote for the FIRST!:jammin:
  4. the mini bowling is really spacious yet cute at the same time, but unfortunately it looks a little strange on me, so I'm not sure if it actually fits everyone to a T. If only you could try it on then decide. Otherwise the safer bet is the First, and the First makes a great night-out bag too!
  5. I vote for the First - not because I don't like the MiniB, just 'cause I find the MiniB looks better in a color as opposed to black. Good Luck with your decision and congrats on the hubby being so helpful with your Bbag purchases!!
  6. I have both the first and mini.....first is really cute...but I end up using the mini more often for practical reasons
  7. The mini actually carries alot... the first is definately alot smaller, but perfect for day-to-day or going out...

    I :heart: my mini bowling. I have to agree with luvtoshop, I grab the mini bowling more for practical reasons...

    If you go out alot, get a first... if they are both for day-to-day, get the mini. :p
  8. I vote for the first. I've always liked the look of the mini-bowling, but when I saw it IRL, it wasn't quite what I was expecting and it doesn't have the long strap. The first is a lovely bag, and ideal for night wear.
  9. first for me too
  10. to me, first. i don't really into the proportion of the bowling or mini bowling :p
  11. Another vote for the First- it actually looks quite different from the City:yes:
    Also, I am 5'4" and I found the mini-bowling to really not be suited to me. So unless you've already tried it on and liked it, be warned that while it looks awesome on some people, it really doesn't suit others...
  12. Thanks so much -- I really appreciate everyone's input. This is a tough call. Not surprisingly, the First got the most votes and I really do want one but perhaps later. I'm most likely going for the MiniB because it's practical (good to know that MiniB owners use theirs every day). I think it'll be a nice alternative to the City and will hold just as much stuff. I haven't actually tried the MiniB, but I'm 5'2" with a boyish figure and other bags of similar dimensions look okay on me. Also, there's talk about of the MiniB being discontinued so I may as well grab one now.

    Thanks again everyone! I'll post pics as soon as I get my two babies. :yahoo:
  13. definitely the first.
  14. I'd personally get the First!:yes: I have one and LOVE it!:love:
  15. Good decision on the miniB. It is such a cute shape and holds so much! I have never owned a First, but it seems like it would be way too small for me as an everyday bag. Congrats - whatever you choose, you will love it, I'm sure!