HELP QUICK! one wallet has to go back.


which wallet should I keep: slim or legacy??

  1. 6K10 - sig slim wallet

  2. 40719 - legacy sig wallet

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  1. ok so I got my chocolate Carly and I love her. Now some of you may know my freakish obsession w/having a matching wallet for my bags. SO I ordered two different wallets & a wristlet to go with this bag. Well none of them really match. SO help me pick which one I should keep.

    should I keep the regular slim wallet, the leather is slightly darker on the wallet (more of chestnut) OR the legacy wallet (has lavendar lining) where the whole thing is darker than the carly?? Also see thumbnail for the legacy wristlet (has legacy lining).

    wristlet.jpg coachset.jpg coachset2.jpg
  2. Well, I don't know if this helps....but I have the regular slim wallet and that's what I plan on using with mine!
  3. i like the legacy one better.
  4. you're a matchy-matchy girl, right?

    I vote keep the slim wallet...the legacy wallet doesn't quite "match" in my eyes.
  5. I think the legacy is cuter... it doesn't neccesarily have to match. I would personally keep the legacy wallet, but if the matching matters that much, I would keep the other wallet. Is there a matching wallet to the chocolate carly?
  6. I'd keep the slip wallet...I think it goes better with the bag. But the legacy is really pretty.
  7. I like both wallets but I think the slim wallet matches better with the chocolate carly.
  8. here is a better pic of them:

  9. I'm partial to the Legacy wallet :yes:
  10. Hmmm... the slim wallet is more of a direct "match", however I think the legacy wallet is cuter!! ;)

    Either one would work great though! I'm probably not the person to ask, because I rarely carry matching wallets... in fact, I carry mis-matched brands. :shame:
  11. I think the slim matches better.
  12. I voted slim wallet
  13. I voted slim just for color purposes, but the legacy is beautiful too.
  14. i like the legacy wallet more, but the flap wallet seems to match better from those pics.
  15. I vote for the sig slim wallet. I just bought a black carly and the black sig slim wallet to match it too!