Help quick! MJ Blue Mina vs. Miu Miu Chevron Quilted Tote

  1. I just purchased both of these today, and I'm not sure if I should keep both. Can someone give me the pros and cons of each? Likes, dislikes? Quality? Thanks!

    Blue MJ Mina (but in blue)$558 @Shopbop:


    Miu Miu Black Chevron Quited Tote, $520 @ BG

  2. OK, I may or may not have gotten the Mina...I never received an order confirmation and they are closed now...
  3. OK, Mina is not in my order history, but I found a similar one, for which I did get an order confirmation. Is this "The Kid"?

  4. I like the blue mina the best. Congrats on an awesome bag.
  5. I love the Miu Miu. I've been obsessing over that bag ever since I saw a friend carrying it a month ago. It was gourgeous I really want it but don't feel like I should get the same bag as a friend, though she's not a close friend and I don't see her often.
  6. MJ! I believe that one is the E/W Satchel, which is a bit wider than the Stam. The Kid is much smaller.
  7. i have a mina and i love it!
    but that miu miu is so gorgeous and sophisticated looking!
    not helping, huh? lol..

  8. do you have the item # for the miu-miu by any chance?
    wondering if i could locate one for myself..
  9. I like the Miu-Mui
  10. I love that Miu Miu!!
  11. I can't see the first pic of the Mina, but if it's similar to the Kid (which reminds me of a Stam?), I vote for the MJ. The top handle of the Miu Miu looks oddly "short" for the size of the bag....?