Help! Quick! Is Apple Green even wearable? or too bright?

  1. Okay... no time for details. I can get one, but now I am freaking out that it may be too bright! HONEST QUICK OPINIONS PUUUUHHHLLLLEASE!!!
  2. No, not to bright. It is beautiful and very wearable! Go get it! NOW!!!!!
  3. Remember this has totally been my hg forever, but I have never seen it IRL, just in pics. Now that I have a chance to get it, I am totally freaking out that maybe it is to NEON outside. Help S.O.S!!!
  4. Yes I agree, be different, bright is the color in the summer.
  5. It is definitely a bright bag.....but I LOOOVE mine! It looks great with white, purple, black, and burgundy.
  6. it's perfect! please get it! i am so tempted but it's ur hg...i even remembered!!!!!! please get it!
  7. as soon as i saw it...i thought...tell shasta! it's even brand new!
  8. Go get that bag!!!!! It's gorgeous and brand spankin new!
  9. What do you mean HELP:nuts: girl I have been praying for you to find one. Go Go Go get it.:yes: If you don't like it, you won't have any problem selling it.;)
  10. please i am getting nervous...i agree with nanaz....there are tons of ppl who would gladly take it off ur hands
  11. It's one of my favorite colors! I found that I could wear it with a lot more colors than I originally thought. GO GET won't regret it...and then of course post pictures. :graucho:
  12. Simple, you have been wanting this bag for a while now so, GET IT.

    If you don't like it sell it, you know it will sell like hot bread. Good Luck!!!:yahoo:
  13. I'm with Nanaz and cracker! You have been talking about this bag FOREVER! If you buy it and don't like it you can easily sell it! I'm crossing my fingers for you! GOOD LUCK!
  14. get it!! it's your hg!! :smile:
  15. Get it before it's gone. Can't wait to see pics!!!